Fast Turnaround Printed Circuit Boards

For PCB services at the fastest possible turnaround times, without compromising on top-level quality requirements, look no further than Bittele Electronics. Our highly efficient PCB Assembly Process has been developed over our many years of experience in providing industry-leading PCB services, allowing us to ensure that all projects will meet their timeline requirements. Whenever a new project is received, our experienced production coordinators will determine a custom-built approach to make sure every hour of production time is used as effectively as possible.

Though we offer many options for Volume Production, our specialty at Bittele is in prototype and low-volume turnkey service, where deadlines are always critical, and we carry that experience into all of our projects. As such, PCB Assembly can be completed in as little as 24 to 48 hours for many prototype projects. This allows us to provide full turnkey service, including PCB Fabrication and Parts Procurement, in as little as 8 days for our quick-turn options.

Our industry-leading turnaround options are supported by our strict North American Operating Standards, which ensure that the quality level of your project is never compromised. We are able to handle assembly of many Complex Components, such as BGA and POP technology, and we provide extensive testing procedures such as Electrical Testing, X-Ray Inspection, and optional Functional Testing to ensure that your complex designs will function 100% accurately every time.

For your convenience, we offer instant online calculators for PCB Fabrication Quotes and PCB Assembly Quotes to help ensure that the quotation process will go smoothly. We also have a comprehensive list of the Design Files that will be necessary for the PCB production process so that you can make sure that you have everything prepared well in advance.

To get your official fast turnaround PCB quotation today, please contact a Bittele sales representative via email at, or reach us toll-free at 1-888-812-1949. Partner will Bittele today and never miss a deadline again! We look forward to working with you!


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