Parts Management

Bittele has a well-established, effective component sourcing system for low cost PCB Assembly. At your disposal, we have a professional staff with years of expertise in managing the purchasing and coordination of PCB parts. We endeavor to help you solve any Component Issues prior to your order placement. Only the components that you specify in your BOM are ordered for every one of your assembly orders. Bittele Electronics focuses on full Turnkey and Complete PCB Assembly services; however, we are also capable of managing orders with partial or fully Consigned Parts procurement. We use a very efficient and standardized PCB components procurement approach, which has been created to integrate into our PCB Assembly Process to make sure your project is assembled with the greatest efficiency. We manage the total coordination of components and BOM items, and oversee the purchasing process. With Bittele as your business partner, you can concentrate on your core expertise.

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Bittele sources the best electronic components from high quality vendors and global distributors in order to facilitate a High Quality PCB Assembly experience. All parts are purchased according to a customers' accepted list of vendors and providers. Through our years of industry leadership, Bittele has established strong relationships with major electronic components distributors including Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Digi-Key Electronics, Farnell Company, Future Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Newark, and Samtec. You are guaranteed in obtaining the highest quality and best results for your PCB procurement purchase. We never replace parts without your permission.

We specialize in solving difficult procurement issues. Bittele takes care of finding difficult-to-locate or obsolete parts. Cross-referenced and Substitute Parts, where possible, can be performed with your approval, in the case where the original parts are not obtainable. Bittele has its own unique global IC sources. ICs manufactured in Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, and other Pacific Rim countries can usually be purchased easily. Hard-to-Find, Long Delivery Time, and Outmoded PCB components will be sourced from any distributor with inventory in our large business vendor network.

At Bittele, our standard timeline for part sourcing is no more than 1 week from order placement to the arrival of your parts at our production facility. Bittele doesn't charge any markup or handling fees, so the cost of this service is only your direct BOM price. By utilizing data-acquisition systems, such as R.F.I.D. and Bar Code technology, Bittele achieves real-time inventory control of the materials on the shop floor. All parts accepted in Bittele inventory storage facilities are tested for quality. A portion of the integrated circuits (ICs) are tested for Electrical Characteristics.

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