Customer Service That Goes the Extra Mile at Bittele

In choosing your Complete PCB Assembly service provider, there are of course a number of important factors to consider. At Bittele Electronics, we have tailored our services to ensure that we can provide the very best in every possible aspect of PCB services. We provide efficient builds at lightning fast Turnaround Times; we adhere to strict North American Quality Management standards for our PCB Assembly in Canada; and we offer a variety of PCB Options at a Standard Price to make sure you can keep your costs as low as possible. All of these aspects of our service reflect our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our clients, but the real key to our success is our incredible team of PCB experts, who work with you each step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction on every project.

Every new client at Bittele Electronics is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who from that point forward will be their main point of contact for every project. Your Account Manager is responsible for developing your official quotation and keeping you updated on the progress of the PCB Assembly Process by answering any questions you might have. We also assign a Project Coordinator from our production team to oversee the build; your Account Manager and Project Coordinator will remain constant for each of your subsequent projects with Bittele. We find that this consistency helps to establish a strong business relationship, and consistently fosters efficient communication as your Bittele representatives quickly learn your standard requirements and preferences.

Our team is here to help with even the finest details of your design, which is why we provide DFM Checking as one of our standard Cost-Free PCB Services. Before PCB Fabrication begins, we ensure that your design is well suited to our production capabilities, and provide suggestions for improving build efficiency of future iterations of the project. Through this meticulous verification process, we can catch errors or ambiguity in your PCB Design Files before production begins, potentially saving you considerable time and cost that might come with reworking or rebuilding the flawed boards. Our team of experienced account managers is also extremely skilled at detecting these sorts of errors before your order is even placed!

If you choose our Turnkey PCB Assembly services, you can also take advantage of our Parts Procurement team, and rest assured that your Bill of Materials (BOM) is in the most capable hands. We can leverage our long-standing relationships with accountable North American component vendors to help you save on parts, and to avoid delays that might otherwise result from slow parts shipments. Our purchasing team also works with you directly to help you find substitutes when your parts go out of stock, and we can even help with sourcing hard-to-find or obsolete components.

With the Bittele Electronics team at your disposal, you can count on receiving nothing short of the best in PCB services—from quality, to lead time, to overall cost—with an easy and straightforward system of support. To find out more about our PCB services and our team, please feel free to Contact Us any time! We can be reached via email at, or toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.

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