High Quality PCB Fabrication

Printed Circuit Boards are complex devices, and to make sure your project works right, you need to know that your PCB Fabrication provider has the experience, the tools, and the procedures in place to make a first-rate product. At Bittele Electronics, we specialize in High Quality PCB Fabrication, tailored to suit your specific needs in every way.

Bittele has been a leader in the field of High Quality PCB Fabrication since 2003, and we’ve used that time to shape our procedures for every type of PCB Fabrication project, to make sure we always yield the best possible results. To reinforce these values, we abide by the most stringent North American Quality Management protocols, such as ISO-9001:2015 Certification, and we maintain an active membership in the IPC trade organization to ensure that we stay up to date on the latest industry standards.

Reliable services come from reliable standards, and our focus on High Quality PCB Fabrication has allowed us to offer a wide variety of advanced services for your convenience. For High-Density Interconnect (HDI), Controlled Impedance or Controlled Dielectric, Heavy Copper, Blind or Buried Vias, Microvias, Via-in-Pad, or any other special requirements your project might have, trust Bittele to make sure the job gets done right on the first run.

Right down to the materials used in our processes, we provide options to ensure that your project works at its maximum potential. We know that physical characteristics, such as Dielectric Material and Surface Finish, are important to the functionality of complex projects, so we make sure we can provide any requirement you need. This extends even to the Silkscreen and Solder Mask for your board; we know that High Quality PCB Fabrication comes with many variables, so we offer many PCB Options at a Standard Price for your convenience.

The most important part of our standard services is of course verification, which we provide at every stage of the PCB Fabrication process. We certify your boards many times over, through methods such as DFM Checking, Electrical Testing (either by Fixture or Flying Probe tests), and final Visual Inspections. We also provide custom verification methods, such as TDR Coupons for your Impedance Controlled PCBs.

Your projects need to work right the first time, and your PCBs should be built to last. To get the best possible product every time, turn to Bittele Electronics for your High Quality PCB Fabrication needs. If you find yourself with any questions about our services, or to get your projects started today, you can Contact Us any time. For new projects, just send your Design Files along to sales@7pcb.com, and one of our dedicated PCB specialists will be in touch right away to take you through the process.


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