Visual Inspection

The modern PCB assembly industry offers many sophisticated software inspection methods for verifying the build quality of a particular board. Bittele Electronics is proud to offer a wide range of these options, such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), X-Ray Inspection, Functional Circuit Testing (FCT), and In-Circuit Testing (ICT). Advanced methods such as these help us to guarantee quality for all types of modern PCB projects, but even with computerized tools at our disposal, standard Visual Inspection remains a vital part of our quality assurance strategy.

Bittele’s experienced quality engineers provide a thorough visual inspection after each and every stage of the PCB Assembly process, from paste screening to parts placement, and through each soldering procedure. Performing incremental inspections allows for early detection of any errors, and ensures minimal impact to the overall project lead time if any corrections are required.

Visual inspection is the most cost-effective method for PCB assembly testing on straightforward Prototype PCB Assembly projects, allowing for the most competitive pricing without compromising on quality. At Bittele, we offer visual inspections as a standard service on all our PCB Assembly orders. Even when more complex methods are required, as illustrated in the table below, we still provide visual inspection at no additional cost to our clients.

Order QtyComponent Qty per boardVisual InspectionAOI
10< Q<50 P<50 YesNo
10< Q<50 P>=50 YesYes
Q>=50 N/AYesYes

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