Quality Control Procedures for PCB Components

In order for Bittele Electronics to maintain its high-quality production, even the components procured for your projects are carefully scrutinized. A single bad component has the potential to ruin an entire unit.

Component quality control begins at the quotation stage when we receive your BOM. Your BOM is first checked to make sure that the number of reference designators matches up with the quantity of items required. Then using the provided product numbers, the descriptions that you provided for the components are checked against the descriptions found online. Stock, lead times, and minimum order quantities are also checked with our approved vendors at this point. Any issues found are called out for your attention in the comments column of the BOM.

After your BOM has been finalized and the order is placed a final Production BOM is sent out to you for your review one last time. This is the version of the BOM that will be used by our production team and parts procurement team.

All incoming components are then subjected to the following quality check protocol:
  1. Part Number Verification
    • Part numbers of all components are checked against the part numbers decided upon during the quotation stage.
    • If any non-matching part numbers are discovered they will be brought to your attention.
  2. Package Check
    • The package is checked against descriptions in the PBOM and the datasheets for the component in the PBOM.
  3. Value measuring(Only for Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors)
  4. Footprint Check
    • Footprints of the components are checked against the footprints in the PCB for those specific components.
    • Any issues here are called out in the PCB Engineering Questions, to solve mismatched footprints either the PCB must be adjusted or the component changed.
  5. Checking component markings(Mainly for ICs)
    • The markings of ICs are checked against data sheets and what is recorded in the PBOM.

    Bittele Electronics also recommends procuring components only from authorized vendors of the specific components. This is done to avoid any risk of counterfeit components that may be made of cheaper materials and not perform as expected.

    Post assembly Bittele Electronics also does an Automated Optical Inspection and provides High-Resolution images to make sure the final assembly meets both our team’s expectations and yours. For certain components such as BGAs and LGAs X-Ray Inspections are done as well to check for any short circuits and other soldering issues.


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