Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers in Canada

Bittele Electronics can be conveniently trusted as an efficient Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer in Canada. Unlike other PCB manufacturers, we strive to offer the requisite services as per the customer demands and specifications. Additionally we are readily reachable and can be located in Toronto. Geographically Toronto, Ottawa in Ontario are rich in modern technology and highly skilled manpower, hence to reap the maximum benefits, we have set up our headquarters in this location. The geographical advantages had led us to enhance our capabilities and meet the ever increasing demands of our clients.

We are generally capable of manufacturing from one layer PCB to multilayer as per customer specific board types like FR4, High TG FR-4, Rogers. In order to proceed with manufacturing, the mandatory information needs to be sent in the requisite format i.e. Gerber files in RS-274X, RS-274D and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG formats and specific instructions if any to our representatives on our official email address On receipt of the required files from customers, our experts commence the Design for manufacturing (DFM) and Design for testing (DFT).

We offer the required DFM check for PCB manufacturing to generate the most accurate assembling process. Additionally we emphasize strict control on quality by following industry specific inspection techniques such as Bare Board Test, AOI Testing, Visual inspection, In-Circuit Test, Functional test, etc. We have indulged trained staff in quality checking and also offer circuit board fabrication instant online quote tool.

We have built the online PCB price estimator on our respective website so as to help customer to estimate the cost quickly. Quick quote can be generated by the customers on selection of few mandatory options. Solder mask & Legend are normally provided by our PCB manufacturing services in Canada. If there is a specific request from the customer end for both-side legend or silk screen, we give this service and normally we do not levy any extra charges unlike other circuit board manufacturers.

Our competitive price for circuit board manufacturing is explained in the below example: PCB size 3.85 inch x 1.96 inch, Double sided PTH board, Material FR4, Thickness 0.062”, Finished Copper 1oz, Solder mask Green – Both sides, Silk screen White – Both sides, Surface Finish ENIG, Routing V-Score for Board quantity 40 Nos. is $ 268 in Canada for 4-5 days turn time.

Bittele offers circuit board manufacturing at the most affordable rate and a high quality PCB boards. We are capable of meeting varied manufacturing requirements i.e. from single prototype board to any other volume. You can also contact us for varied laminate options as we provide standard and non standard laminate thickness according to your specs. Bittele is well capable to meet the strict deadlines and satisfy the end customers.


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