Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly

Bittele Electronics is an experienced, fast turn SMT assembly house, providing timely solutions for Complete PCB Assembly to many clients across a multitude of industries. We have been assembling SMT designs for over ten years now, and we take pride in our performance of every service aspect, from our High Quality PCB Assembly, to our quick turn times as fast as 24 hours. Our employees are highly trained PCB experts, and when you partner with Bittele for your project, you can trust in our client-focused Customer Service philosophy to keep you informed at all times. Here are some details about our services in surface mount assembly.

We work with both SMT Prototype PCB Assembly and Low-Volume PCB Production runs, using both manual and automatic SMT assembly processes. We are capable of single- and double-sided placement of all types of parts. Our service allows you to concentrate on your design because we handle all the details of the production process.

We can assemble:

  1. BGA
  2. QFN
  3. SOIC
  4. PLCC
  5. QFP
  7. POP
and various other small chip packages that have a Pitch of 0.2mm (8 mils) or larger. Through Hole Parts are also no problem. For passive parts, we can work with chip packages as small as 0201, and we offer a selection of Free Passive Parts from our stock for our Full Turnkey PCB Assembly clients.

We Work with Your Design in Mind

Our PCB Assembly Process is carefully matched to your design and your specific constraints, so you can rest assured that your SMT parts will be soldered flawlessly every time. We will review the SMT PCB assembly design you submit during our free DFM Checking stage, and we might make some suggestions, but you are always in complete control of the project. We will happily work with your engineers in order to produce exactly the SMT assemblies you need. We thoroughly review and follow the reflow surface mount soldering requirements of each individual SMD component for each assembly job we undertake. We have a very high yield as we implement precise control of the Reflow Soldering process.

To determine the actual joint soldering SMT quality, we use an assortment of verification and inspection methods, including multiple Visual Inspections, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and X-Ray Inspection. For leadless parts such as QFN, DFN and BGA packages, there is no way to perform a direct visual inspection. 3D X-ray inspection can find many of the problems with SMT soldering, which is crucial for BGA Assemblies.

We're happy to work with you on your project and offer whatever help we can, regardless of where you are in the design process. We can provide DFM advice from the earliest stages of your design - you only need to ask, or refer to our comprehensive DFM Guidelines document. As your project progresses, we'll provide you quick turnaround deadlines for prototypes and absolute flexibility for your production runs. Our Instant Quote calculator will assist you in estimating the approximate cost of your board's assembly from the beginning.

Our Clients Include