Bittele Electronics will exhibit at EPTECH 2024

Toronto-based Bittele Electronics, a leading PCB assembly service solution for prototype and low-volume to mid-volume turnkey PCB services, will attend EPTECH 2024 in Toronto on April 17 2024, Vancouver on June 4 2024, Montreal on September 10 2024, Mississauga on October 22 2024. Bittele will provide valuable face to face technical advice on DFM, PCB fabrication and assembly to its current and potential customers.


EPTECH is the only series of coast-to-coast national electronics shows in Canada. The series is sponsored by EP&T, Canada's largest professional electronics trade publication, and is produced by Business Information Group, a leading technology-information provider. Employing a highly time-efficient table-top display format, EPTECH shows target electronics designers, research and developers, engineers, technicians, technologists, purchasers and technical managers.

Toronto, EPTECH 2024

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