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Bittele Electronics caters to all customer needs through the means of modern technology. Hence, by means of the latest technology, we have built a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Price Estimator on our website. This website tool is extremely user friendly with various options to generate an instant online quote. A quick price estimate can be obtained by simply entering information in a few mandatory fields in the online quotation tool.

In order to generate a cost estimate, the client is required to provide some compulsory details such as number of boards, size & thickness of the PCB, quantity of layers, copper weight/thickness, solder mask color, routing, impedance control, etc. By entering all the necessary details, the online quote can be generated and can be further used for getting an estimate of the total cost.

The PCB fabrication price estimator provides a list of estimated charges, which makes it a very convenient tool. Additionally, this price estimator is easy to use and can quickly generate a price quote by making the necessary choices. The customer will also obtain additional details with respect to the quality inspection methods Bittele Electronics uses.

Our circuit board cost estimator is created in the most appropriate manner but sometimes there could be some information that is required to be considered prior to providing a quote. Therefore, the other details with respect to quality inspection charges such as e-test are included in online price tool. For more information about the online price tool, the client can contact Bittele’s sales team.

Bittele’s online PCB quote calculator is created in the most comprehensive manner and with latest technology so as to support the prototype and low volume quantities. It considers many factors with respect to charges and gives details about shipping prices. The online price estimator excludes shipping costs when estimating the total cost of the PCB order. However, the details with respect to entire cost and other additional features can be further determined by giving mandatory files in the requisite format to our staff.

To obtain an official quote for PCB assembly, we generally require Gerber files in RS-274X/RS-274D or AutoCAD’s file DXF/DWG format with any special specifications, instructions files, such as routing related information, impedance control, etc. to be considered. All these details are required to be sent to our official email id at and the quote would be provided on the basis of the received files.


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