Terms and Conditions

We at Bittele Electronics take great pride in the quality of our work and have formed our Terms and Conditions with the goal of preserving that quality of work. The outlined Terms and Conditions outrank any other Terms and Conditions.

  1. Bittele Electronics offers a general warranty on all Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) leaving our facility.
  2. This warranty has an effective period of 90 days from the shipment date of the order.
  3. This warranty IS applicable to any and all errors made during PCB fabrication and/or PCB Assembly.
  4. This warranty IS NOT applicable to any errors resulting from design specifications, or from physical damage incurred after shipment.
  5. Any modifications made to the PCBs after shipment will render this warranty void.
  6. In no event will the liability exceed the total cost of the order.
  7. Return of the defective PCBs will be required for warranty.
  8. Any defective PCBs that fall within the above warranty guidelines will be reworked or replaced by Bittele Electronics.
  9. Warranty claims should be sent to the accounts manager for the specific project, or to sales@7pcb.com if the account manager is unavailable.
  10. Quotes are valid for a period of 30 days only, please contact the account manager to refresh the quote if it has expired.
  11. Quotes are based upon the most recent Gerber (RS274X format) files and BOM (Excel format) available at the time of quotation.
  12. Quotes may change upon complete engineering review of applicable documents and requirements.
  13. Turn Time is from Monday to Saturday (6 days a week), excluding public holidays and FedEx shipping time.
  14. Turn Time starts from the same business day as payment is received.
  15. Turn Time is subject to change in case of any unanticipated delays.
  16. A quote is converted to an order only after payment has been received and after order is released for production.
  17. Online price quotations are estimates only, please contact a quote manager for an official quote.
  18. Bittele Electronics uses FedEx International Priority Shipping.
  19. A client may use their own shipping account instead.
  20. An order can be cancelled at full refund if fabrication, parts procurement, and assembly has not started yet.
  21. Cancelling an order that has begun fabrication or assembly may result in a partial refund, if parts have already been purchased they may be shipped to the client instead of being refunded.
  22. First order payments are Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Cheque, or PayPal only.
  23. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Terms are available with approved credit application, please discuss them with an account manager.
  24. To pay by credit card you may Contact Us via email or telephone, or you may use our online payment service.
  25. All free parts provided by Bittele Electronics Inc. are purchased from authorized distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, Arrow Electronics and Future Electronics etc. We guarantee to provide high quality components from reputed manufacturer to meet our clients' requirement.
  26. We provide general purpose SMT passive components such as resistors and capacitors in different packages range from 0201 to 1206. You can search on our website to find manufacturer part number and more details.
  27. The datasheets given on website are for reference only and we do not guarantee the accuracy of document. In case of any question regarding specifications, please contact manufacturer directly.
  28. To avail this offer, client must include the Bittele stock Manufacturer part number in BOM before sending it for quotation. Bittele Electronics is not supposed to replace the Manufacturer P/N given in BOM with its Bittele Stock parts.
  29. We are not offering all values of resistors and capacitors. Only manufacturer part numbers listed in our database are eligible for free parts.
  30. Bittele’s passive part stock is only available for use to clients using Turnkey PCB assembly services. Bittele may limit or cancel quantities available for use on any order on any basis, and to alter the availability or duration of any special offers at any time. Bittele may reject any order, or any part of an order.
  31. We reserve the right to update and extend our free parts lines without notifying individuals. Clients are responsible to check our website frequently.
  32. All parts are for general purpose applications. These parts are not supposed to use in military, aerospace and medical products. Clients become liable if they use these parts in military, aerospace and medical applications.
  33. Once an order is released, Bittele will hold on to an order a maximum of 6 months from expected ship date. If there is a redesign of an order, Bittele will hold on to the order for a maximum of 1 year from original expected shipment date.
  34. All tariffs, duty, and shipping cost of consigned inventory, both to and from Bittele’s facilities, is the sole responsibility of the client. Extended transit times may apply. Please provide your shipping account information for such shipments, or request the shipping cost from your account manager.
  35. Consigned components may be stored either in Ontario Canada or Shenzhen China at the sole discretion of Bittele Electronics.
  36. Bittele may purchase components up to and including the cost quoted on your BOM. In the event of a component price increase from the time of quotation, a cost adjustment will be required.
  37. Bittele will add UL logo and date code to the PCB silkscreen. Please indicate within your design files if you require the PCB to be free of vendor markings.
Bittele Electronics will not be liable for shipping delays or for failure to fulfill its obligations to reasons beyond its control including but not limited to: fires, strikes, floods, severe weather conditions, terrorism, epidemics, unforeseen circumstances, riots, acts of God, labor disputes, Government priorities, or war.

Bittele Electronics reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice. You are responsible for reviewing these Terms and Conditions before placing an order. By submitting a Purchase Order you will have accepted all of the above Terms and Conditions.

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