I have to say that we have been extremely pleased from start to finish with the process and so glad that we tried Bittele. This was a new revision of a board that we had been making for about 5 years and had been using the same assembly house doing consignment assembly where we supplied all the parts and the bare boards.

Bittele’s online ordering process was extremely easy with the options of just bare boards, consignment assembly, assembly and parts or full turnkey including the bare boards. Entering the required information and attaching PCB fabrication and assembly design files and BOMs was very easy. There were a few iterations of our BOM to get it in to the format required. Bittele regenerates the BOM into their format and you can download and edit and upload again until both parties are happy. The main snag I had was initially not putting all the reference designators on one line. After correcting my BOM format all went very smoothly I really like the fact that Bittele searches automatically online for the parts pricing and availability at multiple vendors to get the best price and delivery and that happens instantly. There is no waiting to get your quote. If there are any issues or parts that can’t be found, that line item is flagged and you can edit It’s easy to enter alternate parts and try again. There was one case where I had to enter a specific vendor, but again easy. It’s very easy to try different quantities to see how the pricing changes.

We decided to go full turnkey after seeing the quote which was very reasonable. Since this is a new revision, I decided to go with only 5 assemblies for the first run. I feel that we got the best possible pricing for the whole job when compared to quotes from other assembly houses. It was not a hard decision letting Bittele do the entire turnkey job versus consignment when I compared it to my time to order, receive, inspect, kit and ship parts to the assembly house.

After placing the order with a credit card, I must say I was a little nervous about how things would go. A new rev and a new assembly house. Two unknowns! Just like the ordering process, the fabrication went quickly and smoothly without any issues. I was happy that there were some detailed questions that I was able to quickly answer. It gave me confidence that attention to detail was happening. After assembly, Bittele sent high resolution photos of both sides of the boards for my inspection. I received the assembled boards quickly. They were well packed and after an initial inspection, I was very satisfied with the quality of the PCBs, assembly and soldering job. They all checked out perfectly!

I have been extremely happy from start to finish and we will definitely be using Bittele for our future board needs.


Jim Gordon

Tree Radar Inc

 As a Hardware Startup, we needed a way to quickly quote and produce high-quality PCBAs for our product. We found that the online quoting system at 7pcb.com was incredibly intuitive and provided all the transparency we needed in order to make us feel comfortable placing our first order. The built-in BOM checker/editor was fantastic. This was the best online experience for quoting and ordering PCBAs that we have found online - by far. We will continue to use 7pcb and highly recommend that others use them as well.



Carl Palme

Boundless Robotics

 We received this shipment today. We tested all of the boards and are quite happy with the results! We did have one of the integrated boards which seem to be a little noisy, but overall this is much better quality assembly work than we have been able to get done anywhere else.

The services offered by your company fill a big need for us as we do not have the facilities to do this assembly well and have had problems finding companies willing to do small volumes at a reasonable price in a relatively short amount of time.

I am planning to ship the components for the next board first thing tomorrow.


Michael J. Kuhn

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering

University of Tennessee, the United States    

 I wanted you to know that we received the shipment, and I have tested the first few circuits,they all work!

Thanks again for providing a much needed service to my research. We should have another round of assembly work coming sometime in the next month.


Jon Richings

Original Design

The United States    

Thank you for the PCB: I received a couple weeks ago. They were good quality and worked well. You do good job.

Therefore, I have another design I would like get a quote on for PCB+assembly again.


Juha Nurminen

Florida ,USA

I received my boards today. They look very nice.

I'll contact you when I am ready with the next one.


Jim Darling 

Whitby, Canada

I just want to say thank you, the parts arrived yesterday and they are very good. This is the first time I have used Bittele and I am impressed!



Anx Solutions


Perfect boards. Thank you!

Mario Cifaldi


The boards look great! I plan to start testing next week.  Thanks much for your efforts especially

with my problem on one of the internal layers.


Kurt Metzger

University of Michigan, USA

The boards arrived safely, we have tested a few and all seems to be ok.

I have to say I am very impressed with your service and look forward to sending more prototype boards your way in the future.

I don't think I received a quotation regarding the AT45DB161D, see below.


James Gilkes 

Sensor Tech Ltd, USA

Below is our contact here in Scarborough for Bittele Electronics. Great service, great prices. Take standard Gerber files in RS-247-X format, same as you always use.

Stay in touch.



I have received the boards and they look great. 

The Logger board was great, no problems with that one.

I am very happy with the quality of the boards.


Matthew Cochrane

Received the boards yesterday. It's been great doing business with

you.  We'll likeley be in contact wth you again soon with more orders.



Wild Spy

We received the boards on Monday as predicted.  We are currently integrating them into our project.  From what we have seen, we are VERY pleased with your work.



Morega Systems

I just want you to know the boards came in Friday and they look great.  I didn't expect the enig finish on the boards J .  I'm sure you will get more jobs from us in the future.

As for the quote on the PCBs, we decided to go with a local vendor for delivery time reasons.


Magnus Karlsson

Howard Hughes Medical


My name is Gregory Cole and I work with Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Please find attached Gerber files, a BOM and assembly files. We would like to get a quote ASAP, and your company was highly recommended. Thank you and have a good day!



Electrical Engineering Department

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, MA, 01609

Hi May Guo,

I appreciate your sending me this image. I can see that you did a perfect job with the BGA. I'm sure the other BGA, dU1, is just as perfect. Please ship the assembly and kit as soon as you can. And thank you again. All my best,


Michael Mermelstein

Hi Cherry/Ben, thank you for the great service and a high quality product.



Peter McKibbin

VP Elec Eng

Andromedia Electronics LLC

Thank you for a very good job, 100% working.


Rowan Taubitz


Thank you, The boards work right. Good work!

We'll keep in touch. Sincerely.


Manuel Martinez Guillen

Energy R+D Specialist Technician

Hi Prabal,

I'm working on a new design for a board that will be similar in size and design rules to the ones you made. Those boards look good, so I will be sending you drawings for the new design in the next couple days. I was wondering if you can do buried vias (12mil or smaller holes will be fine.) Thanks.



Senior Materials Engineer


Business with you all was a charm. You did a terrefic job. Looking foward to do business with you again.




Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hi Ben!

We received 180 boards, installed them and did some preliminary testing and so far everything is working great. Thanks for the getting them done so quickly on short notice and in good quality.



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA

Hi all

I just got the boards. Thanks everyone worked on it and help me out! You guys did a really good job.




Hi Cherry

The boards arrived today and everything is looking very good!

Thank you



Global Sensor

Hi All,

I have evaluated the 100 assembled boards, and they look great. Thanks very much!



Alexandria, VA 22305, USA


I have done all the tests now on the assembly, everything works beautifully and the board looks very cool and neat.

I am very pleased with your service, and during the production preparation your colleagues found 2 mistakes which I was able to correct. SO I am very happy with your service!

As this was my first time ordering PCB Assembly I will be aware of the typical mistakes from now on.!

I look forward to do further business with you and order a large quantity (100) in early January. Best regards,





I’ve very happy with what I see so far. I don’t see any issues that could use improvement.

Particularly, you did a great job of removing visible flux residue! This is frequently an issue I have with assemblers, but not with this job… thanks.

I did a DC power up test on 8 of the 20 samples, and all powered up correctly. Next they are going to my customer’s for performance evaluation.



Knoxville, TN

Hi Shadow,

Thanks for the invoice. I just wanted you to know that I’m quite happy with the service and the product. I received the last order a couple of weeks ago and they were excellent. The communications between me, you and the factory is superb, which is often a problem when going offshore. I really like your business model.



Calgary, AB

Team Bittele,

We received the shipment today. Surprisingly the shipment was due at 12:00 and it arrived at 11:58, great job FedEx! The PCBAs were all boxed extremely well with no damage to the box or PCBA's. The internal packaging of the PCBA's were packed very well. We are currently unpacking and testing the RGB function by applying 24VDC. I will report back after we have tested all of them. Both Matt and I want to thank all of you and especially your internal employees for the excellent quality of the manufacturing of our PCBA's. The overall soldering and component placement are exceptional and have surpassed our expectations!

Thank you again for your continued communication and quality.


Jeff and Matt

Auburn, CA

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to ensure the exceptional customer service provided by your team did not go unnoticed. Twinkle Zhan, Brenden Sleeman, and Jimmy Li (along with the remainder of their teams) have been extremely helpful, and have facilitated a very smooth process. As a member of a large engineering team we have used many contract manufacturers in the past, but not received this level of customer support and service. These teams have been responsive, helpful, and thorough.

Twinkle in particular has conducted exhaustive design reviews that I have never encountered with CMs in the past. He has dealt with our internal delays and generally made my job as easy as possible.

Please know that these employees are securing return customers and representing your company in the best possible manner.




Arrow Electronics Inc

Centennial, CO

Our Clients Include