Scalable PCB Manufacturing

As your business grows, Bittele Electronics is equipped to provide scalable PCB manufacturing as well as assembly services to meet your current and future production needs. Although we specialize in prototype printed circuit board fabrication and assembly, we understand that many of our clients will not remain in the prototype stage. As your production needs change we are capable of developing a scalable PCB manufacturing solution which suit your budget and production timelines. We have many services available to achieve these scalable production goals.

When you submit your designs for your prototype order before scaling up to production, our PCB specialists will identify preliminary issues which could add cost or lead time during PCB fabrication and assembly. Commonly this includes removing blind or buried vias, through-hole components or vias on pads. Next, once your order is placed our dedicated DFM engineers will evaluate your design before a single printed circuit board is put into production. This additional review will ensure anything missed during the preliminary evaluation will be brought to your attention and is a value added service which does not increase the cost of your PCB production. Once you have updated your printed circuit board designs, we store them for future repeated orders to save you production and assembly time.

We also have a free passive component program to further reduce costs and turn-time for all levels of production. For prototypes, components prices can be much higher than for production and this allows for more cost efficient production. As your project scales up to production volumes, we will continue to provide our free passive parts stock and keep a record of client approved stock to ensure fewer delays related to component stock levels in the marketplace.

As our clients scale up their production quantities, we have many more services available that ensure the quality of production across hundreds to thousands of printed circuit boards. A key service for large production orders is our Sample PCB program. We will fabricate, assemble and a small sample batch of circuit boards in parallel to PCB fabrication. You can then evaluate the current PCBs before giving final approval for the remainder of the order to be completed.

At the end of your production run, we also understand that as production volumes scale up into the hundreds or thousands of PCBs, clients require different testing methods to verify the performance of their PCBs. During the prototype stage, we can implement flying probe electrical testing or bed of nails test fixtures which can be useful up to medium volume orders, however larger scale production requires more rigorous testing. To address this need, Bittele is equipped to provide complete functional testing based on performance specifications provided by our clients. To do so, we ask that they provide us with detailed step by step instructions to run on their assembled PCBs and any specialized test equipment specific to the design or project. This large-scale level of testing is extremely important to ensure that each board functions perfectly before shipping the entire order to the client.

Combined, these services and many others provided by Bittele Electronics provide scalable PCB manufacturing and assembly solutions for all printed circuit board projects. To start the process of evaluating your PCB designs for scalability and plan for future production needs, send your project files to or contact us by telephone at 1-416-800-7540. We are always willing to work with our clients to develop a production strategy to meet any level of PCB fabrication and assembly needs.


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