High TG PCB Materials

At Bittele Electronics, we offer Complete PCB Assembly solutions for all types of High-Quality PCB Fabrication and High-Quality PCB Assembly requirements. Among the most common special requirements for PCB Fabrication is the need for high-temperature tolerance to withstand demanding operating conditions and/or environments.

We often encounter questions from our clients about the temperature requirements for the PCB Assembly Process itself, and whether or not a specific material selection will be required for Lead-Free PCB Assembly. Since our facilities are all fully RoHS Compliant, all of our default materials are suited to the higher Reflow Soldering temperatures of lead-free processes. You never have to worry about selecting a more robust heat profile for the production process itself, but in some cases, the finished boards must operate at high-temperature levels for prolonged periods. In this case, we provide a selection of PCB Materials that can meet your specific needs.

Temperature profiles for PCB material are generally expressed through the Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) of the material. This metric notes the temperature at which the stiff, glass-like polymer softens and is subject to warping or other physical defects. If you do not specify a minimum Tg level for your boards in your PCB Design Files, we will normally use our default Tg 140 FR4 material, which is sufficient to withstand the reflow soldering process and the majority of standard operating conditions.

We also offer higher Tg materials for your convenience, such as Tg 170 FR4 material, and IT180A with a characteristic Tg 180. We still offer all of our Standard PCB Options with high-Tg boards, so you will not have to worry about changing your design as a result of this material selection. The chart below shows a selection of PCB materials and their characteristics for your reference.

material selection

Since we provide a global approach to PCB services, including our high-quality PCB Assembly in Canada, it is no trouble for us to source a material that will work for you. If you find yourself with any questions about which specific material is right for your project, or to inquire about what we currently have in stock, feel free to Contact Us any time! You can reach us via email at sales@7pcb.com, or toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.

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