High Density Interconnect(HDI) PCBs

In 2016, Bittele Electronics improved its manufacturing facilities by adding High Density Interconnect(HDI) PCB manufacturing to our comprehensive capabilities in PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly. We are happy to offer Complete PCB Assembly services for HDI PCB projects.

HDI PCBs are printed circuit boards with a much higher wiring and pad connection density than a traditional PCB. HDI PCBs are characterized by finer lines, closer spaces, smaller capture pads, and Micro-Vias. HDI PCB manufacturing is a growing area since market demand for lightweight and thinner PCBs that can handle High Speed Signals with low signal loss has steadily increased as consumer electronics end-products are produced in smaller form factors.

As a result of the market demand for HDI PCB manufacturing, Bittele Electronics has served clients from many industries, including:

  1. Automotive (Engine Control Units, GPS, Dashboard Electronics)
  2. Computers (Laptops, Tablets, Wearable Electronics, Internet of Things - IoT)
  3. Communication (Mobile phones, Modules, Routers, Switches)
  4. Digitial (Cameras, Audio, Video)

Our manufacturing facilities have the following HDI PCB manufacturing capabilities:

  1. Buried and Blind Vias, including Micro Vias
  2. NCVF
  3. Copper Fill
  4. Sequential Lamination
  5. 3/3 Traces/Space
  6. 5% Controlled Impedance tolerance

At the present time, Bittele Electronics can produce sequential lamination boards of up to 40 layers. Our facilities have been fitted with the most advanced Laser Drilling Machines, which are capable of laser drilling holes as small as 0.002 inch (2 mil). With the latest HDI technology, we can produce inner and outer layers with as little as a 3/3 Trace/Space featuring excellent registration. We also have very large inventory of raw PCB Materials, including North American & exotic materials.

Please refer to the technology roadmap below to see the full list of our HDI capabilities.

Bittele HDI Technology Matrix
Laser Drill0.002"
Copper Pad0.008"
Micro ViaMax. 8
Smallest BGA0.40 mm

Bittele Electronics is committed to continuously improving and refining our HDI PCB manufacturing services. In 2019, our target goal is to add the following capabilities: Megatron 4 and 6 Material, less than 5% impedance testing, wire bonding, and less than 0.003" Trace/Space.

For more detailed information on the HDI technologies we use in our manufacturing facilities, or for any questions about our PCB Assembly Process in general, please feel free to Contact Us any time.

The picture on the right illustrates the type of HDI we specialize in. We carry 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz Foils for your HDI needs. We are also capable of performing back drilling, controlled depth drilling, and Press Fit holes (tight hole tolerance). Bittele has ability to use cores (laminates) as thin as 0.001." We also offer Buried Capacitance (BC) Cores. Other technologies include dual FINISH, multiple color Solder Mask & silk screen, Gold Fingers, hybrid builds, etc.

Our Clients Include