Turnkey PCB Sample Program For Qualifying Clients

How It Works

When working on a project involving PCB fabrication and assembly, quality control is of paramount importance. In addition to the electrical testing that we perform on every PCB leaving our facilities, and the functional testing that we provide upon client request, we at Bittele Electronics also offer advanced samples of your assembled boards for qualifying turnkey orders. We will assemble three to five of your PCBs ahead of the main production run, and ship these boards to you for testing; you will not be charged for the additional production run. This way, you can work with our production team to ensure that the finished product exactly meets your specifications every time. No one knows your design as well as you do, and so we offer this service as a guarantee that each and every board leaving our facilities will meet your own personal standards in quality and performance.

How to Qualify

There are a few specific circumstances that must be met to qualify a client for our PCB sample program. First of all, this service is only available for full Turnkey orders, meaning that we at Bittele are handling PCB fabrication, parts procurement, and final assembly for your project. Secondly, this service is only available to higher-volume orders, as opposed to prototype runs. We generally set a threshold of 100 pieces for this service, but this is a flexible threshold; we will also provide samples for some smaller orders if they incorporate a high degree of complexity. This service is especially popular among our clients who require IC programming services, since it allows for them to ensure that their source code will function as expected on the finished boards, before their full order is assembled.

For more details on our PCB sample program, please contact sales@7pcb.com. One of our specialists will be happy to give more detailed information regarding the program and how to qualify.

Our Clients Include