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Bittele Electronics, the leading PCB assembly manufacturer in Canada, offers the option to order PCBs online. Whether you are looking to produce a bare prototype, or in need of full turnkey circuit board assembly in a hurry, our online ordering tool streamlines the entire quick turn PCB assembly order process by bringing you full turnkey quotes in a matter of minutes, with secure, state-of-the-art software for circuit design inspection, optimizing parts orders to the best price possible, live online support and discounted prices on all fabrication and assembly orders.

Our online PCB ordering tool has been designed for our clients to enjoy the benefit of a 25% discount on all fabrication orders, with options for adjusting every parameter possible when ordering circuit board fabrication online, while still conforming to our DFM guidelines. From board material, thickness, copper weight, and impedance control to blind/buried vias, solder mask color and IPC-6012 Class 2 or Class 3 inspection standard requirements, Bittele has simplified PCB ordering online, as every circuit board manufacturing need is covered by our software tool.

Placing online parts orders has never been easier; while processing your PCB order online, simply upload your bill of materials (BOM). Our online ordering tool has been designed to optimize the BOM pricing process through our list of authorized vendors, by seeking the lowest cost possible, guiding clients through stock availability, parts consignment, and vendor stock issues. And if parts from a custom vendor need to be sourced, the web-based interface grants clients the ability to set their own custom vendors during the confirmation stage of the process.

As a matter of fact, our ordering tool is the perfect platform for ordering turnkey PCB assembly online, as our clients enjoy a 15% assembly discount for ordering circuit boards online. The entire process has been streamlined right down to Gerber file submission and verification; as well as prompting for a count of SMT pads and through holes, the presence of BGA parts and other parameters pertinent to the PCB assembly process, last-minute circuit design inspections can be done through our online Gerber viewer, which is also integrated into the ordering tool. Upon finalizing the circuit card specifications, pricing all PCB components and assembly, the ordering tool will calculate shipping costs based on the client’s ship-to address before presenting a comprehensive quote. At any time, changes can be made, but once everything is satisfactory, all it takes to buy the order is a simple mouse click, through our secure online payment system.

At Bittele, we understand that time is valuable, as is the need to ensure all requirements are met. Whether our clients are in Canada, the USA or anywhere across the globe, we pride ourselves in providing low-cost and high-quality services with the utmost convenience. For further information on how to place a PCB order online, please consult our online ordering FAQ. For any other inquiries, including rush orders, feel free to talk with a live support agent, or contact us by email.

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