Low Volume PCB Assembly

We define Low volume PCB Assembly as a limited number of circuit board assemblies (25 to 5000 boards), and includes DFM Checking and DFA Checking. Bittele Electronics provides low-volume, full-turnkey, complete PCB Assembly services, which include PCB Fabrication, Parts Procurement and Final Assembly.

In low-volume board assembly, you must pay very close attention to Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM). We will examine your PCB Design Files, such as your Gerber Files, Bill of Materials (BOM), assembly drawings, and circuit schematics, for all potential engineering problems. As a turn-key service manufacturer, we will panelize your PCBs in order to reduce costs and promote an efficient assembly process. We will suggest a proper solder mask opening to assure a high yield rate, as well as to avoid solder bridging and other Common PCB Assembly Faults. We will also carefully compare your parts list against your PCB files, and request clarification on all Component Issues before we begin ordering parts. This prevents unnecessary costs and extending the shipping date of your order.

Similarly, Design-for-Assembly (DFA) should be involved in your circuit design from the beginning, even for low volume board assembly. Various Probe Models and Fixture Styles, as well as tester limitation notes are available to support you in PCB Electrical Testing. When you choose to work with Bittele, you will be offered our professional guidance on how to distribute the test points across the PCB, after reviewing your test procedure. We can accomplish your testing requirements by conforming to your troubleshooting recommendations, diagnostic tests, and other relevant materials to fully test your boards. We also offer a variety of meticulous verification methods for your assembled PCBs, such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), In-Circuit Testing (ICT), Functional Testing, and multiple stages of Visual Inspection.

We provide many additional services and programs to ensure that your low volume PCB assembly job is entirely risk free. We insure 100% electrical testing for all boards, which is a standard part of our PCB Assembly Process. We also provide an exclusive PCB Sample Program for our turnkey customers. In this program, we ship you a few assembled PCBs for testing prior to beginning a full production run. We offer X-Ray Inspection for verifying assembly quality of BGAs and other Complex Packages. Our staff of professional associates are capable of solving all assembly problems that may occur before your order is shipped to you.

We treat cost reduction as a critical factor for low-volume orders. For repeat orders, we forgo NRE and stencil charges. To give you the lowest per-part price, we contact the major distributors with your part number and negotiate the best quantities to obtain the best price for you. Over our years of experience in providing PCB Assembly in Canada, we have built strong relationships with major suppliers in the USA and other countries to keep part purchasing cost competitive without compromising on our strict Quality Standards. We insure that you will obtain the optimal balance of PCB turn-key service quality, cost, and shipping time.

How to get an official quote before placing your order:

To get a small run PCB assembly quote, email your BOM List and Gerber files to sales@7pcb.com.

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