Max and Min Dimensions for PCB Fabrication Services

Every PCB has a specific reason and target sizes for its creation. Because of these reasons and target sizes, printed circuit board (PCB) sizes are very diverse. It would be impossible to standardize or regulate the different printed circuit boards (PCB) sizes in the market. PCB designers often go through a long and time-consuming process to ensure the board is optimized based on the dimension requirements they were provided with. That is why it is vital to find a PCB fabrication partner like Bittele Electronics whom can deliver top quality boards at the whatever size your design calls for.

Let’s take a quick look at the maximum and minimum dimensions Bittele Electronics can fabricate. The largest panel size available is 22.5” X 54”, which can be fabricated for 2-layer boards. Bittele can fabricate 4-Layer boards with a maximum size of 21.5” X 53”. One important point that needs to be made is the additional fabrication cost that will occur with PCBs that have sides longer than 20”. For PCB assembly, additional charges will be added to any board that exceeds 14” in length. When circuit boards with an area of 100 square inches or larger, will incur additional artwork charges. Most PCBs are small and getting even smaller as components get smaller and smarter. While Bittele doesn’t have a set minimum size, it is important to note as PCB board sizes get smaller than 0.4”, the fabrication cost will start to substantially increase.

PCB board designs also come in many shapes and forms. From rectangles and circles, to all types of odd shapes, It is important to understand how Bittele Electronics measures and charges for these boards. The picture provided below illustrates how measurements are done and calculated. Once fabrication is completed, we use v-score or tab routing to cut the boards in the desired shape.

Another way size can affect the cost of your PCB is by its thickness. For example, 2-layer board with a thickness of 0.118” or more may incur additional charges, since it will be fabricated as a dummy 4-layer. The number of layers in your PCB board does play a significant role in determining thickness. In order to be fabricated by Bittele, a 6-layer board with 1oz copper would require a minimum thickness of 0.031”.

If you wish to learn more regarding the capabilities of Bittele Electronics, scroll down to the chart below which provides some key information. Additionally, Bittele Electronics site is an excellent source of information for any design question you may have regarding our capabilities or quality of finish. Bittele Electronics is a certified by International Standard Organization as an ISO9001 certified manufacturer. Bittele electronics has the quality, capabilities, and service you require for your small or large project. We have a page setup that will give you a quick idea of cost and lead time if you wish to check online. Simply follow the measurement instructions provided in the illustrations above and enter them in the appropriate spots. For more details and assistance please contact our sales department at

Max finished copper thickness to internal & external layer inner: 4oz, outer: 5oz (preferred)
inner: 10oz, outer: 11oz (maximum)
finished copper thickness to external layer 12,18um base copper:-------------------- ≥35.8um; ≥40.4um
35,50,70um base copper:----- ≥55.9um; ≥70um; ≥86.7um
105,140um base copper:------------- ≥117.6um; ≥148.5um
Layer count 1-20 (preferred) 1-40 (maximum)
PCB thickness 0.3-5.0mm (without solder mask);
0.4-5.0mm(with solder mask)---preferred
0.2-7.0mm (without solder mask);
0.4-7.0mm(with solder mask)---maximum
PCB thickness tolerance˄Normal ˅ ±10%(>1.0mm); ±0.1mm(≤1.0mm)
PCB thickness tolerance˄Special ˅ ±10%(≤2.0mm); ±0.15mm(2.1-3.0mm)
Min bow & twist 0.75% (preferred)
0.1%(only for some boards which are symmetric enough, better estimate in advance)
Impedance tolerance ±5Ω(<50Ω), ±10%(≥50Ω)
Laser blind via size with filling plating 4-5mil (4mil is preferred)
Max aspect ratio for laser via filling plating 1:1 (depth including the copper thickness)


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