What is the Maximum Panel Size for PCB Printing?

Bittele Electronics’ associates are always comfortably reachable, so you can contact us and we will give you the solution for what is the maximum panel size for PCB printing with us. By using high-tech machinery and experienced resources, we provide maximum PCB panel size up to 19.7 inch x 31.5 inch. We offer maximum panel size with different circuit board materials.

Our experts can offer maximum panel size with a wide variety of PCB materials. The multiple laminate options available with us are FR4, Aluminum Base, in addition to specific material as per your request. We also have additional alternatives of PCB materials by which maximum panel size can be manufactured such as high-frequency materials by Rogers, High TG FR-4, etc. However, we proceed with this alternative through our fabrication house only with our buyer’s approval as they are quite expensive compared to other standard materials.

Bittele has its own fabrication house in Shenzhen, China to provide a maximum panel size for PCB printing. We have built this manufacturing house with state-of-the-art technology to produce the requisite panel with maximum size. 320 employees perform multiple fabrication activities to meet your desired expectations. We can even make a single panel with a maximum size as per your requests.

Unlike other turnkey PCB assembly service solutions, we have not set our limits to minimum order requirement for maximum panel size. We accept even single maximum panel size orders from customers. Customers can include multiple jobs in a single panel, though some technical points should be considered to stabilize the board. However for more information, kindly consult our PCB panelization specialists.

We have employed skilled PCB specialists to address your queries. Our associates are available on online technical support from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm (Eastern Time).


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