Large Printed Circuit Boards – What is the Largest PCB Size that Bittele Can Fabricate?

The printed circuit board industry has been trending steadily toward smaller and smaller designs and products in recent years, but certain projects still require large size PCBs to do the job, and Bittele Electronics is here to help with the big just as well as the small. In order to serve our clients with larger PCB requirements, we are happy to offer PCB Fabrication for large PCBs up to 15 inches x 20 inches.

Bittele is able to offer this large degree of flexibility as a result of our unique PCB Assembly Process, which is tailored specifically to suit each client’s individual needs. Unlike other PCB service providers, we always give your project our undivided attention, from quotation development straight through Parts Procurement and PCB Assembly, until we ship your order directly to you. This individual attention means that we never have to worry about how much space your design will require on a panel, since your design will be the only one on the panel! This also allows us to offer no-hassle solutions for Complex and Irregular PCB Shapes as a part of our PCB Options at a Standard Price.

No matter the shape or size of the board outline in your PCB Design Files, Bittele is happy to help. We back up our guarantee of flexibility in fabrication by offering a wide variety of PCB Materials to suit any design, including standard FR4 Material, High TG FR4, Aluminum Base, and Rogers High Frequency Materials. We also offer PCB Fabrication for as few as one single board, no matter the size, so you can stick with one PCB service provider from your initial prototype run straight through to final production quantities.

With a friendly staff of PCB Customer Service Experts, and state-of-the-art PCB Production Facilities in Canada as well as China, Bittele Electronics is ready and able to work with you on any and all types of PCB designs.

If you still have any questions for us about our capabilities in PCB Fabrication or PCB Assembly, please feel free to Contact Us any time! You can send along your questions or your PCB Design Files to, or call us toll-free at 1-888-812-1949.


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