Wire Harness Assembly

Here at Bittele Electronics, we are always committed to providing the highest quality services. A common question asked is whether or not we are able to work with wires and cable assembly – the simple answer is yes. However, as we are more focused on the assembly of SMT components, there are some restrictions when wire or cable assembly comes into question.

Wire and cable assembly are generally wiring that is either connected the bare board itself or sometimes a connector. Although we can provide this service, it is not our standard process and it has some restrictions. Since wire assembly is outside of our standard scope, we may need clients to provide the appropriate crimping tools because we may not have them on hand. We may also have to purchase the part which would add to the cost if it cannot be consigned.

The main notable restriction is that we have an MOQ of 250 pcs before we can do any wiring or cable assembly services. This is due mostly in part to the fact that since most cabling and wiring requirements cannot be done automatically, they require manual effort and labour to be completed. It is typically not feasible for the set-up costs and time required to complete these wiring/cable requirements for smaller order quantities. Depending on the quantity, this may add a few days to the leadtime. It is important to note that there may be some cases where we are unable to provide the service as well. Generally, your account manager will review your files and help determine if your requirements are within our capabilities.


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