Soft Gold Surface Finish

In addition to our various hard gold surface finish options for PCB Fabrication, Bittele Electronics also offers a soft gold PCB surface finish that is very well suited to wire bonding operations. The soft gold used in this process can easily form strong metallic bonds with standard copper traces and wires. The strong bond of gold and copper allows for more conductive connections when leads are soldered to the board during the PCB Assembly Process.

The process for applying a soft gold surface finish is similar to hard gold; in both cases, an electrolytic process is used to apply the finish, but the soft gold process requires that a Solder Mask first be applied. When soldered, soft gold remains in the alloy, and produces a stronger welded joint at the point of soldering or wire bond.

The Soft Gold Surface Finish makes for a particularly efficient process in Complete PCB Assembly projects where wire bonding is required. With our High Quality PCB Assembly options, you can trust Bittele to handle your project from start to finish.

When you send in your PCB Design Files for a quotation, please be sure to note in a Fabrication Drawing exactly which areas on the bare PCB will require the Soft Gold finish. Please note that the associated cost depends on the specific amount of soft gold used in bonding.

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If you have any further questions about our PCB Surface Finish capabilities, or to get started on your project with Bittele today, you can Contact Us over email at, or toll-free at 1-888-812-1949. Bittele Electronics is a Canadian PCB Assembly service provider, based out of Toronto, but serving clients worldwide since 2003.


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