PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Here at Bittele Electronics Inc., we specialize in PCB Manufacturing and Assembly. We work to ensure our product is delivered to our clients with the highest level of quality from start to finish for any volume project up to 10,000 Printed Circuit Boards. This process begins with our Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM) and Design-For Assembly (DFA) check procedures. Before PCB fabrication and parts procurement begins, our highly trained Quality Assurance engineering team will perform this value-add service to help our clients identify any issues in PCB design before it has a chance to affect the finished product. We offer our clients Design-For-Manufacturing and Design-For-Assembly guides in order to help them understand Bittele’s capabilities and develop the most efficient and cost-effective product possible.

Bittele Electronics Inc. offers a number of cost-free services and options during the PCB fabrication process that are not commonly found in the industry. Our clients have the ability to choose from a number of solder mask and silkscreen colours at no additional charges. Colours normally available include matte and glossy versions of Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Black. The ability to print silkscreen on both sides of the PCB free-of-charge is another feature we provide that clients appreciate as it allows them to print more information (ie: serial numbers, company logos) on their boards. We also provide an array of standard price surface finish options. While we recommend using ENIG (Electro-less Nickel Immersion Gold) as the surface finish in most cases; we also have HASL, Silver Immersion and Tin Immersion available at the base price point. By providing these to our clients free-of-charge we hope to provide a straight-forward and simple process where clients do not worry about being hit with additional charges later. We perform 100% electrical testing on every PCB fabricated at our facilities as per IPC-9252 specifications.

Parts Procurement is a key feature of our full turn-key PCB Manufacturing and Assembly service. We at Bittele Electronics Inc. use a quality controlled and time-tested parts sourcing system that guarantees our client the highest quality parts at the lowest possible costs. To ensure high- quality parts for our clients we only source from reputable suppliers such as Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Newark, Samtec, Farnell and Future Electronics (unless otherwise requested by our clients) in order to avoid counterfeit or fake parts. We offer our Parts Procurement service at cost which is a huge benefit to our clients (especially when we are sourcing parts in bulk). Another major value-add we offer is a free library of passive components for full turn-key orders. Any resistors or capacitors that are stocked in our free passive components library can be provided free-of-charge to our clients at their request. We want to ensure that your boards function the way they should, so any time there is a replacement component needed we will request your approval first. Our Incoming Quality Control (IQC) team will perform a thorough inspection of all parts received.

At Bittele Electronics Inc. we have a state-of-the-art, fully automated PCB Assembly line in order to maintain a high-quality, consistent product for our clients. Our assembly process begins with printing paste on the bare boards for surface mount devices. Part placement on our assembly line is 100% machine automated for maximum accuracy and efficiency. Reflow soldering on our assembly line is performed using the RS-1000 II reflow oven by JT automation; it has 10 heating zones and 2 cooling zones for maximum throughput. Through every step of the PCB manufacturing and assembly process we complete inspections in order to better localize the source of any potential error. Additionally, we use a top-of-the-line Dage Quadra 3 for x-ray inspection on all BGA and lead-less packages after the reflow solder process. Any parts that cannot be soldered via reflow will be soldered using the VersaFlow 3/35 selective soldering machine. Developed by Kurtz-Ersa, this machine is the top selective soldering machine on the market and is capable of automatically soldering very small sections of a PCB; eliminating the need for hand soldering found on most PCB assembly lines. After assembly is complete, we perform a final inspection which includes a visual inspection by our highly experienced quality assurance team along with an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for complex or high-volume projects.

Additional services we offer include IC Programming and Functional Circuit Testing. Our goal at Bittele Electronics Inc. is to provide our clients with a high-quality, low-cost PCB Assembly Service that is simple and straight-forward to complete. Please contact our sales team via email at sales@7pcb.com for any inquiries regarding the services we provide.

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