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Bittele Electronics is an experienced Flex PCB manufacturer, ready to help you with your next flex project. We offer our services with no MOQ and specialize in meeting your prototype to mid volume needs. While Bittele does not currently hold UL certification for flex PCBs, we strive to offer the highest level of quality and are working towards this certification in the near future.

In recent years the demand for flexible circuit boards has grown greatly. Its use has increased significantly in fields such as automotive, aerospace, and the military. FPCB can also have components mounted directly on to them, for example in projects where there is a high amount of heat dissipation, heatsinks can be directly mounted on to the FPCB. FPCBs offer a great reduction to weight, thickness and size when compared to rigid PCBs.

Flexible circuit boards offer a list of versatile capabilities and highly benefit situations where movement may be required. They offer superior usability in other areas as, fitment into tight and uniquely shaped spaces, and to replace traditional board to board connections and wire harnesses when used in a Rigid-Flex combination. A Rigid-Flex PCB is a board which comprises of both a rigid component and a flexible component. One of the advantages of Rigid-Flex PCBs is their ability to connect directly to the rigid portion of the board by a prepreg film which takes out the need for soldering.

Rigid-Flex PCBs are the go-to design for many of our clients, however Bittele Electronics also proudly offers fabrication and assembly services for both Flex and Rigid-Flex boards. The unique capabilities of flex circuit boards make them an ideal candidate to consider when planning your next project.

In an effort to better serve all of our clients, Bittele offers a wide arrange of flexible circuit board options. Bittele Electronics stocks Adhesive-less FPC for our Flex PCBs. Our standard material list includes; Panasonic R-F775, ShengYi SF305, ShengYi SF201, ShengYi SF202. If you require adhesive FPC material, there may be some additional lead time for material procurement.

Flex PCB Capabilities

Below are the datasheets for the flex materials listed above.

Panasonic R-F775

Dupont AP ShengYi SF202

For the complete datasheets please refer to the following links:

To receive a quote for your Flex PCB project, please send your Gerber files to sales@7pcb.com. One of our technical specialists will contact you within one business day.


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