Bittele Electronics Opens San Jose Office to Provide Circuit Card Assembly

By opening a sales office in San Jose, Bittele Electronics believes it is able to serve its local customers who have ever increasing needs for prototype and low production quantities. As a result, Bittele has established a reputation for quality with circuit care assembly customers who want long-term business relationships.

How does Bittele maintain good rapport with its San Jose customers? It employs a highly skilled team of circuit card assembly specialists, as well as the most modern assembly facilities that can manufacture the broadest range of circuit card types in the industry. Bittele has the resources to produce the following circuit care technologies: through-hole, surface-mount, mixed technology, 2-sided mixed technology, 2-sided surface mount, 0201 size or bigger size, high density pin connectors, fine pitch parts (pitch up to 8 mils), leadless components, BGAs, Micro-BGAs, package on package, etc.

In San Jose, we have cultivated good working relationships with design engineers who need prototype or low-volume orders. That’s why Bittele has developed special expertise in these types of circuit card production. Given our expert capabilities, we can respond to the needs of customers who want moderate-to-high volume circuit card assembly runs as well. A phone call to our customer service department can give you more information regarding what Bittele can offer you.

Timeliness is critical for today’s fast-paced, global business climate. Bittele is aware of the need to meet its customer’s fast deadlines. We have developed work processes at our manufacturing facilities such that we can fulfill special prototype orders in 24 hours if need be. As a matter of standard turn times, we typically fulfill an order for San Jose customers in 1 to 5 days after the customer ships the parts to our location.

Our advanced production facilities are located in China in order to pass on the lowest costs to our customers. But to save them shipping costs, our customers need only ship parts to the Bittele office in San Jose. We can manufacture circuits from tube, trays, reels or cut tape. Moreover, we have developed a mechanical automatic feeding process for manufacturing circuit cards with loose components.

Once the circuit card order is completed and full tested, it will be shipped to your location directly from China which speeds up the delivery process. We encourage good communication and coordination by being available to answer your questions via telephone, fax or email. In addition, our staff can communicate with you via web-hosted conferencing, which is useful for the verification or modification of the circuit card design or assembly.

Assembly costs are an important factor when a customer chooses a circuit card manufacturer. That’s why Bittele has installed on its website an immediate online quoting tool for estimating the cost of assembly. Designed to be simple to use, you need only enter a few variables into the website forms to obtain a cost estimate. For an official quote, you will need to send us your Gerber, BOM and quantities, etc. to We will send you the official cost quote with 24 hours.


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