Low-Cost Kitted PCB Assembly Services

A kitted assembly service is an economical way to manufacture PCBs. In this service, the client provides the PCBs and the components to Bittele Electronics, who then places them on the PCB, assembles the boards and ships them to the designated location as per the client’s requirements.

Initiating a Kitted PCB Assembly Quote
A client can obtain a quote for a kitted PCB assembly order in the following manner:

A. Instant Web Quotes: Most clients find the web quoting process useful because a price quote is obtained immediately. To obtain an instant Web quote is easy. Follow these steps:
  1. Direct your web browser to Bittele's home page at www.7pcb.com and click PCB Assembly on the left column of the page. Then, click "Start Quote."
  2. Complete the short quoting form and click "Calculate."
A price quote will be returned to you in seconds! It is that simple.

B. Standard Quotes: If you do not have the production requirements of the PCB, you can still get a price quote by using Bittele's standard quoting process. Here's how:
  1. Please visit Bittele's home page at www.7pcb.com
  2. Click "Contact Us" located on the main menu.
  3. Complete the quoting form and upload your files. (See PCB Design File Specifications below.)
  4. Double check your email address, ensuring it is correct.
  5. If you have any questions, feel free to add them in the appropriate field.
  6. Click "Submit."
Our support engineers will email you the price quote within one business day.

C. Manual Quotes: You can manually email Bittele's sales office with the appropriate files (described in the next section) to obtain a price quote. The electronic mail address of the sales office is sales@7pcb.com.

D. Telephone Quotes: You can obtain a price quote by telephone during our normal working hours. Our telephone number is 1-888-812-1949.

PCB Design File Specifications
To complete a kitted PCB assembly order, our manufacturing engineers need the following design files:
  1. Gerber
  2. Centroid
  3. Bill of Materials
Gerber files: The topside and reverse side silk-screens, as well as the solder paste and copper layers are required. You can also send other Gerber files as necessary.

Centroid: The component placement coordinates, rotation amount and reference-designators should be included in this file.

Bill of Materials (BOM): The Bill of Materials needs to include the following parameters:
  1. Number of components for every part
  2. Reference-Designator
  3. Component Order Number (Manufacturer, Mouser, Newark, Element14, Mouser, etc.)
  4. Description of every component
  5. IC package nomenclature (DIP, SOIC, 0603, QFN, etc. is preferred yet optional)
  6. Type (Surface Mount, Through-Hole, Fine Pitch, BGA or other)
The BOM can be sent in a common format (i.e., .xls). Verify the "Type” is the right value. For parts that Bittele Electronics should not assemble on the board, mark the BOM with “DNS,” which means do-not-stuff.

Once you have all the design files, place them in a folder and create a .zip file. Then, go to the Contact Page of our website and upload it. You can also email the .zip file to sales@7pcb.com.

Order Review and Parts Submissions
A. Check the Order Checklist from the PCB Assembly on our website. Verify it is accurate.
B. Go to the confirmation email we sent you and click the link within it that goes to the label sheet. Once you have the label sheet, print it out. The label sheet contains your order number, part labels and our mailing address.
C. Verify that you have indicated on the BOM he designator "DNS" in the Type field for any locations of your PCBs that you do not want components placed.
D. Update your files with any changes since you initially sent your design files to us. Send the changes to sales@7pcb.com.
E. List any special instruction on the applicable drawings or images. Ensure the special instructions have all the details.
F. Indicate if there are multiple locations that are sending parts to Bittele Electronics with the name and location of each clearly stipulated.
G. Use the pre-printed labels to ship the components to us.

For packages that contain parts from more than one order, please separate the parts by order and indicate which orders they go to. For drop-shipped orders from some other company, please instruct the company to place on the packing-slip the Bittele Electronics order number.

Place all components and/or circuit boards in the anti-static and moisture-resistant packages for which they were shipped in. Avoid taping the parts to one another.

Clearly label all parts. Ensure the labels correspond to how you identified them as per the BOM. By utilizing the pre-printed parts labels we sent you, we can make certain that the parts are given to the appropriate parties in the assembly house.


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