PCB Assembly

Since 2003, Bittele Electronics has led the way in printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly. Through our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, as well as our sales office in San Jose, California, we deliver PCB assembly services to a wide variety of clients, most of who are proudly from the United States. From the largest business centers of New York, Illinois, and Florida, to the well-established technology hubs of Texas, California, and Washington State, to everywhere else in between, US clients order circuit boards from Bittele for our quick turn time, unmatched level of quality management and unrivalled turnkey PCB service.

Being close neighbors with the US means greater benefits for our American clients, as they can enjoy top-quality assembly services at the lowest cost. And with our state-of-the-art assembly equipment, we can assemble circuit boards of varying complexities; from surface mount assembly and high density interconnect circuits, to selective soldering of through-hole parts. With the help of our DFM and DFA resources, our team is also ready to help clients with their circuit design needs and engineering questions.

To add to the value of our assembly service, our US clients can choose from a variety of other services that are part of our turnkey offerings, to help our clients concentrate more on their daily operations. Our parts management service takes the burden of inventory maintenance off of our clients’ shoulders, while our IC programming service adds convenience to our clients’ deployment of their products. And further to our already-stringent level of quality assurance, we also offer customizable functional circuit testing and in-circuit testing.

We have the belief that customer satisfaction is directly linked to convenience, as well as control. Aside from our variety of services, we also allow for online ordering of PCB fabrication, assembly, and parts procurement. With only a few clicks of the mouse, an entire circuit board can be moved from the design stage, to prototyping, to full production.

With made-in-America solutions in high demand, Bittele maintains a strong partnership with a proudly American manufacturing facility, located close to our sales office in San Jose. Thanks to this, our clients benefit from quick turn times, significant reduction of shipping costs and more cost-effective access to complete PCB assembly service, while having the peace of mind that their products are top-quality and made in the USA.

If you find yourself with any questions about our range of services, or to send your PCB design files and get started on a project with Bittele, please feel free to contact us any time. Join us at the upcoming PCB West 2021 trade show in Santa Clara, California, or reach one of our PCB experts any time through our US office below:

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