Bittele Electronics Offers PCB assembly services in San Francisco

Since San Francisco is a competitive market for prototype and low-volume to mid-volume PCB orders, Bittele Electronics has opened a local office where customers can directly contact us for their PCB assembly needs. Bittele’s state of the art engineering resources are capable of different kinds of PCB assembly technology over a wide range of applications. Bittele has the ability to meet even the shortest of deadlines.

Bittele Electronics specializes in prototype and low-volume to mid-volume production quantity PCB assembly. Its expertise in PCB assembly is capable of through-hole board assembly, surface-mount board assembly and mixed technology board assembly (both through-hole and surface-mount on the same PCB). In the event a San Francisco customer needs larger quantities, Bittele can meet the need for any volume requirements. To obtain assistance, you can contact our corporate office or our headquarters to discuss your concerns with our expert technical support department. They will gladly answer your questions promptly.

Bittele is capable of offering very low prices for high quality PCB assembly services. Manufactured at our assembly house in China, we can provide a cost advantage, which has helped us grow our business in San Francisco.

Our fulfillment facility is located in San Jose, allowing us to coordinate and ship orders to San Francisco customers fast and easy. Due to our local presence in the San Francisco area, Bittele’s shipping costs are minimal. A customer can send parts to be used for assembly to our office using standard shipping companies. Furthermore, we are flexible in terms of the type of packaging. We can assemble PCBs from a wide variety of cut tape lengths, free components, and reels, among others. For loose components, please ensure that they are securely packaged to prevent damage. After the PCB assembly order is completed, Bittele will ship it to you directly, within our agreed upon deadline.

Knowing that our San Francisco customers require fast turnaround times for their prototype and low-production orders, Bittele has implemented the resources in order to achieve fast turn times in 1-2 days. By contacting Bittele’s sales team, you can verify the exact date for completion and shipping of your order to your office or facility.

Since prompt communication and coordination are critical to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers in San Francisco, we employ a variety of ways to communicate with you, including phone, live chat, and email.

Bittele understands that costs are an important part of a customer’s choice of a high quality PCB assembly service, so it provides via its website an instant online quoting estimator for PCB assembly orders. By simply inputting a few important PCB assembly parameters into the website form, you can obtain an estimated price quote.

If you send the required design files (i.e. Gerber, BOM, etc.) via our website contact page, we can provide a final price quote within 1 business day after the files are received by our office. Email if you have any questions.


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