PCBParts for Approval: Bittele’s BOM policies

Bittele Electronics is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality PCB Fabrication and Turnkey projects. We do our best to make your order as easy as possible and provide free services such as our free DFM checks and free passive components options. We have committed to taking steps to offer the best possible service to our clients and this includes, but is not limited to, providing greater cost reductions for your projects.

One way Bittele helps with these cost reductions is by having our experts thoroughly check, price, and provide feedback on the bill of materials provided by clients. If requested, our pricing team may suggest parts from our free passive parts stock to help reduce the cost of your project. This is only limited to full turnkey orders and clients will always be able to review and approve parts that we suggest from our stock.

In the case where we don’t have a suitable replacement part in our stock and the original part number in your BOM has stock issues across multiple vendors, we may provide suggested alternative parts with the same or very similar descriptions for your approval. This service is limited to only passive resistor and capacitor components; any IC’s or other components must have alternative part numbers supplied to us from the client. If a component can only be sourced from the manufacturer, it is best if the direct link to purchasing the part can be supplied to us.

Parts that may have stock or other issues related to them will be highlighted in blue with a note in the “Comments” column relating to the issue with that part number. Part numbers from our free stock will also be listed in this column for approval. Once we send this BOM back to you, we ask that you fill out the adjacent “Your Comments” column with your response to the issue. To ensure a smoother and timelier quote, it is highly suggested that clients fill out and return the BOM that we have sent out, rather than creating a new BOM with updates to it. It is our policy that if we receive a new BOM, we must have it repriced entirely, so in the interest of saving time, it is highly recommended that our BOMs are filled out and sent back to us (repricing a BOM may take up to 24 hours, thus delaying your quote further). Once we receive your updated BOM, we can make the changes, update your quote and send it back to you at the earliest.


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