Bittele Adds 3D X-Ray Inspection Machine to SMT Asssembly Line

Bittele Electronics added recently the latest 3D automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) machine to its state of the art SMT assembly line.

AXI plays an important role in SMT production because it can detect soldering defects that are invisible by human eyes (visual inspection) and AOI (automatic optic inspection) equipment. AXI can be used to find soldering defects underneath IC packages such as BGA, CSP and QFN. In addition, it can find over 97% of defects such as opens, short, shifts, skews, voids, poor wetting, insufficient solder, and etc.

X-ray inspection is a type of non-destructive inspection. The main benefit of X-ray inspection is that you don’t need to make a physical section to view the quality of soldering joint. X-ray non-destructive inspection can be used for both PCBs and components.

AXI equipment is quick to program and easy to set up, which can shorten production time.

3D AXI can provide more detailed soldering information, enabling an engineer to analyze and evaluate the current process easily and make adjustments quickly.

Furthermore AXI also can detect the quality of PCB bare board traces (opens or shorts) to isolate the root causes during trouble shooting.

x-ray inspection machine


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