Prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Services in Canada

With PCB prototype assembly services, many of the clients get the breathing room for thoroughly testing the design before committing to a production run. Electronic manufacturing companies offering Prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Services in Canada are in demand, as most of them avoid providing prototype PCB assembling due to expensive labor cost in Canada. Still there are quite a few PCB manufacturers who offer prototype circuit board assembling depending on the customer requirements and availability of components.

Many a times the components are sent by the clients to PCB assembly providers. If any parts are missing then those are sourced from electronic components distributors in Canada and USA. If the clients request the manufacturers for complete sourcing of components, then the parts are procured basis the BOM provided. Most of the electronic service providers have developed long lasting relations with local suppliers to get the benefit of good quality and cost competitive components for prototype assembling in Canada.

There is a considerable benefit in terms of cost for prototype PCB assembling in Canada as compared to USA. The price of prototype assembling depends on number of boards assembled, type of electronic components, quantity of THT, SMT, fine pitch components, soldering technology used and other requirements. USA is expensive for prototype electronic assembling as there is less availability of low cost skilled manpower, costly components and expensive technology. For example : BOM Lines 29, SMT on both sides, Lead-free processing, SMT components 53, THT components 5, Fine pitch components 2, BGA / QFN / Leadless components 1 is $ 719 in Canada and $ 1796 in US for quantity 20 PC boards in 4-5 days.

Some of electronic manufacturing companies provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) even for prototype circuit board assembling which is included in total cost. Most of the circuit board assembling companies started offering DFM check for prototype assembly at no additional cost. The number of electronic companies has a specialized team for DFM services so as to ensure prototype assembling is done as per customer specifications and also communicates with them regarding any process issues, etc.

Various ways of communication in Canada enable customers to easily explain the requirements to the PCB assembling companies. The PCB assembly providers most of the times communicate with their customers in English via online conferencing, email and phone. Still there are few electronic PCB companies who also communicate in French and accept different payment methods to meet the ever-increasing customer demands.

Most of the circuit board assembling companies prefers payment through credit card. Some of them also accept debit card, wireless transfer, cheque, etc. for payment. The normal turn time offered by most of the electronic manufacturers for prototype assembling is 1 day to 3 weeks in Canada. There are a quite a few circuit board assembling companies in Canada who possesses fully qualified PCB manufacturing and assembly facilities which enable them to provide prototyping assembling services as quickly as in 24 hours depending upon the customer requirements along with in-house circuit board assembling facility in Canada or in China.

Most of the electronic assembling companies own production facilities only in Canada and there are some who have production plants both in Canada and in China. Own manufacturing facility both in Canada and in China enables them to deliver prototype circuit board assembly services at superior quality, affordable rate and in less transportation time.


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