Toronto-Based PCB Sales & Parts Procurement - The Advantages

Bittele Electronics, whose headquarters are in Toronto, Canada has approached the competitive PCB fabrication and assembly industry in a unique way. Bittele Electronics provides customer service, sales, and procurement process in North America. This eliminates some of the issue’s customers have when it comes to contacting PCB manufacturers. As the cost of labour and manufacturing continues to rise, more and more manufacturers have chosen to outsource to China and other Asian markets. One of the main issues being language and time zone differences. Customers are often tasked with having to wait a significant amount of time while trying to communicate with a customer service agent. Another issue proving hard to tackle is finding a manufacturer who can guarantee authentic parts. Bittele Electronics is able to provide this guarantee, by completing procurement out of North America and working with authorized distributor only, Bittele Electronics gives its customer the reassurance that their boards will only be assembled using original authentic components.

When Looking for a PCB manufacturing partner, most customers focus on quality and cost. Cost is the easiest way to separate fabricators, but those low costs are being attained by either cheap untrained labour, unreachable offices, low quality, fake parts, or all of the above. Cutting short on any of the aforementioned will significantly affect the final product being produced. Quality is another aspect to separate the pack, not all PCB manufacturers are looking to attain the highest quality standards. You can verify this by checking if they are ISO certified. By finding a partner that has reasonable price along with high-quality standard you have completed the first important step towards selecting PCB fabrication partner.

The next important aspect is to determine what type of sales and customer service experience you will have. Many PCB manufacturers are difficult to get a hold of and to communicate with, due to language and time zone barriers. Bittele Electronics provides sales and customer service out of Toronto, Canada. This provides customers from North America great opportunity to communicate and reach agents through email, chat or phone call. Bittele Electronics office is open from 10AM-6:30 PM eastern standard time. This time slot is ideal for customers based in North America. This will also come in hand in case customers require technical advice or assistance.

Procurement is perhaps the largest uncertainty customers will have when dealing with manufacturers. How do you ensure the manufacturer will only use authentic parts? how will the manufacturer themselves know what is fake and what is authentic? The solution is simple, purchase parts from authorized distributors only. Having a North America based procurement team gives Bittele a great advantage over the competition since they will access to some of the biggest and most trusted authorized distributors. In 2017, 65% of all parts purchased by Bittele Electronics came from Digi-Key. Followed by Mouser which is our second largest parts provider. Digi-Key and Mouser are two of the most recognized and trusted authorized distributors in the world. When Bittele Electronics provides you with a completed quote, you can simply look at the BOM to verify where parts are being purchased from and for how much. Another great aspect of procurement from authorized distributors is traceability. If you ever question a component on your board, tracing its origin is as simple as getting in touch with Bittele Electronics agents. This will give customers the reassurance they desire when it comes to completing good quality projects with authentic parts.

PCB board designs are changing daily. Engineers are trying to find a way to fit more features into a smaller board. Components have also been getting smaller and smarter over the past decade. PCB designers have at their disposal the ability to design boards that are either flexible or rigid with as many layers as they desire. PCB is the backbone of all electronic devices, that is why designers go through great ordeals to design boards that will deliver tomorrows amazing product. The question is If PCB boards are so important and require hard work, why trust a manufacturer that won’t guarantee authentic parts? why trust a manufacturer that won’t deliver the quality you desire? By working with Bittele Electronics, you ensure the people responsible for your project are always reachable to provide assistance, will only use authentic parts from authorized distributors, and operate out of an ISO certified assembly manufacturing house.


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