PCB Assembly Services in Edmonton

To be competitive in the current market, Bittele Electronics has opened PCB assembly services in Edmonton for prototype as well as low volume and mid-volume orders. Edmonton customers contact us directly since we are capable of providing a wide range of production needs. We offer modern engineering solutions and are capable of meeting tight deadlines since we are capable of assembling different types of PCB technologies.

In Edmonton, our wide-ranging capabilities and expert know-how allows us to offer through-hole board assembly, surface-mount board assembly and mixed technology board assembly (both through-hole and surface-mount on the same PCB) as per your volume specifications. In general, we provide circuit board assembly services for both prototype and low-to-mid volume orders. If you need larger quantities, you can discuss the details with our expert staff by contacting our corporate office. Most of our customers contact us at our main headquarters’ office to get assistance. Our support staff will answer your questions in a prompt manner.

Since we assemble the PCBs in our production facility in China, our costs are as low as possible. We we have acquired many customers in Edmonton due to our ability to produce high quality PCBs at relatively affordable prices.

Since Edmonton is close to our corporate office in Toronto, the coordination of shipping completed orders is easy. Since the shipping costs are very low, you can send the parts from Edmonton to Bittele’s Toronto office through regular shipping modes. We accept parts in any form of packaging, including cut tape of any length, loose components, reels, etc. We generally require proper packaging for loose parts to prevent any possible damage. Once the PCBs are completely assembled, we will ship them to you within the expected turn time.

We provide quick turn times for prototype, small volume, and medium volume circuit board assembly orders to satisfy the ever increasing needs of our customers. We usually complete the prototype assembly in a lead time of 1-2 days, which can be confirmed by contacting our sales team.

We have maintained long term relationships with our customers through effective communication and coordination. We communicate with our Edmonton customers through various means, including telephone, live conferencing, electronic mail, etc., in order to provide any required information.

In order to provide our customers with immediate pricing information, we have an instant online quote tool for PCB assembly on our website. Clients can use this calculator to generate an instant price estimate by simply inputting a few key assembly data requirements. You can obtain an official quote by sending the requisite information files (i.e. Gerber files, BOM, etc.) via our website using the contact page. The official price quote will be released within 1 business day on receipt of the information. We finalize most of the price quotes within 24 hours when the design files are sent to us via our company email address at sales@7pcb.com.


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