PCB Assembly Solutions in Montreal

With 10 years of extensive experience, Bittele Electronics has often met the specific needs of Montreal customers seeking PCB prototype and low volume to mid volume PCB assembly services. We provide ample product support by working closely with customers from the initial assembly phase to final delivery. Most customers contact us because we offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Through superior capabilities and our extensive use of modern technology, we have developed a wide customer base in Montreal. Unlike other PCB assembly houses, we do not burden our customers with exorbitant prices; rather, we offer the most economical rates in the industry for prototype, small quantity, and medium quantity circuit board assembly services. Since Montreal is in the same time zone as our Toronto office, we can easily communicate with you or resolve minor issues promptly.

To get an estimated cost for PCB assembly, our website has an instant online PCB assembly quote calculator to help you. The estimated quote can be generated quickly by entering a small amount of information into the website form. You can also mail all the necessary details, such as board quantity, BOM file, Gerber files, etc., to our company email address to get an official quote, including shipping cost. We will get in touch with you via phone, email, or fax within 24 hours.

The cost of shipping is low because we can conveniently use local shipping companies to deliver parts from Montreal to our Bittele office. You can ship your parts to our main office.

Unlike other PCB assemblers, we have no limits on what types of parts we can use. We accept bulk parts, cut tapes, component package reels, tube and tray, loose parts, etc. We will send you the assembled PCBs directly, and within the agreed-upon turn time, once they are produced in our assembly manufacturing plant in China.

In Montreal, our standard turn time for prototype circuit board assembly is 1-5 days. However, you can contact us if you need to discuss other lead times, project requirements or cost changes as per your project’s needs. You can estimate the cost of PCB assembly with our website’s instant quote calculator. We can provide you with an official quote in 1-2 business days after you send the board quantity, BOM file, Gerber files, and assembly files to our company’s email address or website contact page.

To provide prompt customer service, we strive to give necessary feedback for any customer concerns. We use different channels of communication, such as phone, email, live conferencing, etc., to stay in touch with our customers. If you have any concerns, you can contact us at sales@7pcb.com.


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