Prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Prices in China

Bittele Electronics believes in giving quality services at reasonable rates hence we offer the most affordable prototype printed circuit board (PCB) assembly prices in China. Our clients can contact us to obtain more information or a quote for other costs related to PCB assembly. Since PCB prototype and low volume assembly use similar production equipment and assembly steps, this allows us to offer prototype PCB assembly at attractive rates in order to satisfy our customers in China.

Generally, we try to provide the most suitable cost structure for prototype assembly that takes into account a number of factors such as the BOM list, quantity of boards, selection of through-hole, surface mount or mixed (SMT + THT) components technology, etc. along with the turn time needed by the customer. The following illustration summarizes our prototype assembly prices: Board Qty 20, Board size 80 mm x 124 mm, Two Layer Board, components on one side, Lead-Free processing, BOM lines 41, SMT 43, THT 51, Fine pitch 1 is $ 875 in China for 4 to 5 days turn time.

The normal turn time offered by us for prototype assembly is 5 to 10 days in China; however, you can further coordinate with us for any specific lead time requirement. We make use of modern PCB manufacturing facilities, which enable us to offer very quick turnaround time such as 24 hours to 48 hours as per the customer specs with minimal extra cost for quick assembly.

Our prototype circuit board assembly price in China is comparatively inexpensive with respect to other contract manufacturers. The prototype circuit board assembly cost is derived from the number of boards assembled, various kinds of electronic components, quantity of THT, SMT, fine pitch components, soldering technology used and other requirements. We often try to minimize the effect of customer inconveniences while considering the prices.

There are less customer inconveniences in China compared to other Countries, which leads to affordable prototype assembly. For instance, the price would be as low as $14 for the handling fee and $5 for the processing fee. Furthermore, it depends on the value claimed and the number of types of boards as each type adds a $10 handling fee.

We have built a PCB assembly quote calculator to enable customers to estimate the price through our website. The quick quote can be generated by selection of few options instantly. We also provide an official quote including shipping cost within 1-2 working days on receipt of basic details such as BOM, Gerber files and board quantity. Although our website price does not include shipping charges, we give the official quote inclusive of shipping charges. The shipping cost depends on the weight & size of the shipment and the destination country. Just for the above mentioned example, the average shipment cost for 20 boards is $86 from China to North America.

Bittele is a global specialist in cost-effective prototype PCB assembly services. Our prototyping team consists of solder techs, SMT-process engineers, and parts sourcing associates. Bittele can prototype a client’s PCBs using kitted parts as per the specifications received on our official email address


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