PCB Assembly in China

Based out of Shenzhen, China and Toronto, Canada, Bittele Electronics Inc. has been providing fast, reliable and low-cost printed circuit board assembly services since 2003 to support the rapidly evolving needs of the electronics industry. We have provided PCB assembly solutions for a variety of customers, whether it is a start-up looking to complete a prototype under a tight budget, or an electronics firm requiring high quality printed circuit board production runs.

Regardless of the project, we strive everyday to exceed the needs of clients around the world with the goal of becoming the industry leading provider of printed circuit board assembly as well as turnkey production services. As part of these services we are equipped to handle the entire assembly process including parts procurement, printed circuit board fabrication, parts assembly, electrical testing and integrated circuit programming to meet the demands of any potential customer.

This is achieved through an international effort between the Bittele Electronics Inc. corporate headquarters located in Toronto, and the production facility in Shenzhen, combining best that both locations have to offer. With the production facility located in China, we can take advantage of low production costs and skilled labour to provide tailored assembly services. These include the use of surface mount machine processing, through hole component assembly, hand soldering for unique components and modern electrical testing equipment to ensure production quality. Furthermore, to support our customer’s manufacturing needs, we provide design for manufacturing free of charge to improve the manufacturability of their printed circuit boards. While production is completed in China, our corporate headquarters in Canada allows us to remain current with the quality as well as standards of North American markets, allowing for a seamless transition from the client and the to production floor.

To begin the process of taking advantage of the many fabrication and turnkey assembly services Bittele Electronics Inc. has to offer, potential customers have two primary options. First, we have developed a free online PCB quote calculator to provide preliminary cost information based on printed circuit board specifications provided by the customer. This allows us to provide instant feedback on a client’s assembly needs and give them more time to focus on their decision-making process. Secondly, our team of sales and electronics engineering experts available to develop more specific quotations with either same day up to 24-hour response times. This typically includes an assessment of the client’s PCB Gerber files, the bill of materials (BOM), and the requested volume of PCB production. We then create a concise quotation displaying price points for regular quantities of PCB production from as low as ten to several thousand. For example, a small 1.5 x 2.7in bare PCB can start as low as $200 USD for quantities up to 10 units based on the design. In addition, for the same board and quantity, full turnkey assembly can start at $1100 USD, which provides access to PCB manufacturing, parts assembly, electrical testing, IC programming, and functionality testing. For many customers, this means a more streamlined electronics development process from concept to finished product.

Once a client has reviewed their quote, selected a production quantity and we have received payment, the manufacturing information is sent from our office in Toronto to Shenzhen, where assembly and manufacturing begins. Typically, turnaround times range from 5 days up to 16 days depending on the volume of production and whether or not the customer has requested turnkey assembly services. However, customers may coordinate specific turnaround times with us on a case by case basis if necessary.

Through out this process, from your first email to final delivery, we put quality assurance, customer satisfaction as well as cost savings at the forefront, to become the number one source for printed circuit board assembly in Canada, the United States, Europe and around the world. If you require a low to mid volume production source or help completing your prototype printed circuit board sooner and under budget, do not hesitate to contact Bittele Electronics Inc. today. Our sales representatives can be reached online through our website, by email at sales@7pcb.com, or telephone toll-free at 1-888-812-1949. We look forward to hearing from you and making your printed circuit board assembly needs a reality.

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