Turnkey Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Cost in China

Most of them research for Turnkey Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Cost in China to get the cost benefit and good quality compare to other countries. Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly cost is comprised of PCB fabrication, electronic component procurement, circuit board assembling, handling fees and shipping charge.

The PCB fabrication cost is determined on various factors such as size, shape & thickness of the PCB board, number of layers, quantity, surface finish type & copper thickness, minimum track width & drill size, number of holes to be drilled and their size, slots & cutouts, electrical testing, delivery time etc. Easy availability of raw materials, skilled labor at low cost, availability of affordable advanced technology and best electronic components makes China the most preferred market for turnkey PCB assembling.

China is a very good market to source good quality components at a relatively low price compare to North American countries. All the mandatory required electronic components can be easily sourced from local distribution channels at a much low cost compare to other North American countries which further enable to provide circuit board assembling at an affordable price.

The PCB assembling cost is composed of various elements such as making of solder stencil, placement of components through manual or automated; soldering process, labor charge, the quality inspection techniques adopted, etc. Circuit board assembling is cheaper due to its geographical location, less custom hassles etc, which also further enables one stop PCB assembling cost competitive in China.

The easy availability of all the resources through different modes of channels, make the turnkey PCB assembling price affordable in China. These factors also have a considerable effect on lead time and shipping cost for turnkey circuit board assembling. The turn time offered by most of the electronic manufacturers is procurement lead time plus assembly lead times whereas the shipping cost depends upon various factors such as weight & size of the board and the location to be delivered. The lead time & cost of turnkey assembling in China can be explained through following example:

PCB size 1 inch x 2 inch, Layers 2, Components on both side, BOM lines 36, SMT 50, THT 2, Fine Pitch 1, Leadless/QFN 2 is $ 1700 for 50 boards and $ 2726 for 100 boards and turn time is approx 13 to 14 days. The above cost is inclusive of shipping cost.

Bittele allows customers to focus on their core business by completely handling all processes including PCB fabrication, component procurement and circuit board assembling. Bittele has built long term relationships with many electronic component suppliers such as Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Newark, Samtec, Farnell and Future Electronics to procure best quality components. They also help in further reduction in turnkey PCB cost through their comprehensive solution which is specifically adapted as per customer needs in addition to large inventory of parts stored in the warehouses located in China.


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