Inexpensive SMT Assembly in China

Bittele Electronics offers inexpensive SMT assembly in China with the support of its talented workforce. You can contact us with your precise requirement and we will be glad to serve you as per your unique specifications. We have employed qualified and efficient engineers to provide SMT assembly in China. We are able to deliver inexpensive SMT assembly services through our production house in China.

We have our production house in Shenzhen, China to give requisite SMT assembly services. We have built our production plant with the intention to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. Our SMT assembly house has all the necessary machinery and equipments to produce the quality end inexpensive product.

We can assemble almost all the components in a low cost SMT assembly. Our team is capable to assemble single and both sided placement of all necessary SMT components. We can even assemble BGAs to Micro BGAs, leadless parts, high density connectors, package on package, 0201 package or big components, fine-pitch parts up to 8 mils, etc. We strive to give the desired turnaround time for inexpensive SMT assembly.

Amongst the available electronic contract manufacturers in China, we often try to give the better turnaround time for inexpensive SMT board assembly of less than 5 days along with the quick delivery within 24 hours for your specific requirement. You can get the cost of surface mount assembly from our quote tool.

You can obtain the quick cost reference from our PCB assembly online quote calculator. You are required to input little mandatory information in the tool. On receipt of the required details, an immediate quote will be generated. If you still have any confusion in the pricing details, you can communicate it to our executives.

Number of communication channels can be used to coordinate with our representatives. You can reach us via our technical support from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm Eastern Time or email your issues to


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