Printed circuit board (PCB) layout cost in China

Bittele Electronics considers multiple factors for providing affordable printed circuit board (PCB) layout cost in China. Majority of the buyers contact us to get the maximum cost advantage and our prices are normally formulated based on the type of circuit board such as Layer count, Rigid and Flexible PCB technologies, other components types such as through-hole, surface mount, mixed type, the board geometry i.e. shape and size of the board, number of components and their packages, number of nets and nodes, high pin count, high speed digital, sensitive analog circuit, routing etc. All these elements are properly judged and overall cost is decided so as to benefit the end customers.

We ensure that our consumers are immensely benefitted by maximum utilization of available resources in China. The low cost skilled manpower, easy availability of latest technology, better infrastructure, etc. in China further allowed us to meet user specific demand such as custom designs.

We have indulged professional team so as to offer the customized designs as per our customer’s product application. Accordingly we are able to meet requirement of Rigid and Flex technology board, Customized shape, Special routing techniques such as Transmission lines, Differential routing, High voltage traces, Adding test points to board, etc. Generally these services are offered at a little extra cost which varies as per the design technology, complexities of board.

Bittele’s average cost for PCB layout is typically less due to easy availability of mandatory resources and this is explained through mentioned illustration: Number of Components 30, Number of Nets 45, Number of Nodes 16, PCB Size 2.87 inch x 2.12 inch, Double Side Board is $ 600 in China for 5 days turn time.

The brief idea of Electronic circuit board layout cost can be explained in detail by our representative whenever requested by the customer as it includes charges for Schematic drawing, Layout drawing, Component placement, Routing, Bill-of-Materials file generation, fabrication drawing files, assembly drawing files, etc. Our PCB designers also consider DFM check while designing.

As DFM check enables the most accurate designing process, many of them look for these services at minimal cost. However we offer this special feature and follow standard DFM guidelines to identify any problems prior to fabrication. We do not charge extra for following DFM guidelines and it is included in PCB layout cost. To give the PCB layout cost we most of the times request customers to send design details by electronic mail or any other communication method to our official email address. On receiving the entire data, our staff generates the official quote and delivers as quickly as in 24 hours.

For effective co-ordination with our consumers, we have trained our staff to speak in English so as to communicate with the customers and solve their any related issues. Furthermore we accept the payment via Credit card, Debit card, Paypal and Wireless transfers for convenience of our users.

Bittele offers layout designing services at a considerable low cost to wide variety of industries. We have an expert team of design engineers to provide the quality work at relatively less price.


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