Prototype Printed Circuit Card Fabrication and Assembly Services in China

It is difficult to find circuit board assembling solutions who are engaged in providing Prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication and Assembly Services in China. Due to involvement of multiple steps & expensive technology in PCB fabrication which is similar for prototype and other volume quantity, most of the electronic manufacturers are least interested to provide dual services i.e. PCB fabrication and assembling for prototype. However there are still few PCB manufacturers exist in Mainland China who provide both these services depending upon design output files received from customers.

For PCB fabrication and assembling, most of the electronic manufacturers require Gerber files in RS-274X, RS-274D and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG formats and Assembly drawing for specific instructions if any, BOM file in Microsoft Excel format with all mandatory details like manufacturer name & part number, etc along with highlight regarding number of components to be excluded from assembling which enable them to proceed with DFM check.

There are few circuit boards assembling companies who follow DFM guidelines for Prototype fabrication and assembling in China. Customers generally look for electronic manufacturers who provide DFM check as it ensures good quality, no mistakes in final product and enable in reduction in the product cost by carefully selecting the best component for the PCB assembling.

Electronic companies engaged in providing both type of services i.e. fabrication and assembling of PCB, procure components whereas few of them require customers to procure the parts and send it to manufacturer. In case of procurement of components by customer, generally all the import taxes need to be borne by customer himself. Depending upon the PCB fabrication specifications such as board size, layers, etc and in assembling type of electronic components, quantity of THT, SMT, fine pitch components, soldering technology used, etc determine the cost.

The cost of Proto fabrication and assembling is generally expensive as it depends on number of boards assembled and other specifications. Most of circuit board assembling companies derive fabrication cost basis number of holes drilled, layers, cutouts and slots etc and the assembling cost is calculated basis the selection of Through-Hole, Surface Mount or Mixed (SMT + THT) components technology which further becomes a decisive factor in Turn time.

The standard turn time offered by most of the electronic manufacturers for prototype assembling and fabrication is 10 – 12 days in China. Some of the circuit board assembling companies possesses fully qualified PCB manufacturing and assembly facilities which enable them to provide assembling and prototyping as quickly as in 24 hours and with high quality depending upon the customer requirements.

There are few electronic companies in China who adhere to all the prescribed quality standards for prototype fabrication and PCB population. Though some of them have a specialized team to monitor, inspect various processes and support continual process improvement along with following standard advanced test equipments including Bare Board Test, AOI Testing, Visual inspection, In-Circuit Test, Functional test for quality inspection.

Bittele is well-equipped to provide Prototype PCB fabrication and assembling solutions in China. Bittele’s cost is most competitive compare to other electronic manufacturers. This can be explained through this example for board qty 20, size 5 inch x 3 inch, BOM items 30, SMT parts 60, THT parts 25, Fine pitch parts 2 – per board cost is approx $ 10 for PCB production and $ 35 for circuit board assembly with a turn time 0f 10 – 12 days. Bittele’s prototype assembly area has a unique layout design that allows flexible mixing of automated and manual part loading stations. They can also easily handle the fine pitch components and BGAs for high density FR-4 boards. Bittele is specialized to meet PCB fabrication needs in a variety of materials and technologies.


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