What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of PCB Production?

Bittele Electronics considers all the factors affecting the cost of PCB production while formulating final cost structure. Consumers from different places contact us to know the factors affecting the price. The elements which affect the cost are a number of boards, the number of layers, size & thickness of the PCB, impedance control, routing, soldermask and silkscreen color, copper weight, etc.

Many times, production cost increases because of the large size of the board. Larger boards require more material and number of holes are drilled which tend to increase the cost. However, smaller PCBs allow a greater number of circuit boards to be processed per production panel, which leads to decrease in per-board cost. Majority of the times, manufacturing price is influenced strongly by a number of layers. Therefore the circuit board designing is done in such a manner that it comprises a minimum number of circuit layers. And we consider this important factor in addition to board thickness.

Our representatives strive to formulate a competitive price structure for our consumers. This enables to have a considerable reduction in the total prices and deliver superior quality services to our buyers. Sometimes cost varies with PCB thickness, but this depends on your specifications. If you select non-standard board thickness, then the price will increase because of the expensive materials.

Silkscreen and soldermask are additional process steps which lead to increase in cost. Circuit board prices are considerably reduced if these options are not opted. However, we do not charge any additional prices and our team generally gives reasonable suggestions to our customers to have an extra cost benefit. We guide most of the consumers to select the appropriate options to have a competitive price.

Routing, impedance control does have a considerable effect on the final circuit board production cost. However, we always try to deliver our products at the economical rates, so our customers can focus on their core business. If still you are concerned and want to know more about the elements increasing the cost, please get in touch with us through sales@7pcb.com.


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