I Sent My PCB Assembly RFQ - What Comes Next?

A common question that we encounter here at Bittele Electronics is “What happens after I have already sent my files and BOM for quotation?” Bittele Electronics prides itself on providing prompt and courteous service to all of our clients.

To ensure we are able to provide you with the best service, we ask that you include the Gerber files in RS-274X format, as well as the BOM in excel format when you send your initial RFQ. It is also best to include any special requirements at this time. Once we have received all of your files, you will receive a brief response, informing you who your account manager will be, as well as a brief outline of our current special offers, such as our Free Passive Components. Your Account Manager will remain constant for all of your future quotes with Bittele Electronics.

Your account manager will then begin to review your PCB specifications by looking at your Gerber files, and any other fabrication specifications you have sent. At the same time, your BOM is sent to our BOM pricing experts; your BOM will be priced from only trusted North American vendors such as DigiKey, Mouser, Newark, and Avent. We arrange the priced BOM in an easy to read format, with breakdowns of pricing at each of your requested quantities. Your Turnkey Quote will be returned to you within 24 hours of your RFQ. For orders with long Bill of Materials, additional time may be needed in order to accurately price your BOM, however, your account manager can provide you with the fabrication and assembly cost within the 24-hour period, while you wait for the BOM pricing to be completed.

If there are any stock issues or other issues requiring your clarification, we will highlight the row of the BOM we require your comments on. Your Account Manager can also suggest alternate part numbers for out-of-stock passive parts upon request. Once all of the BOM issues have been resolved and you are happy with your quote, your order is ready to be placed.

Your quotation will then be passed along to our accounting team for processing. At the same time, you will receive a link and login information to make your payment online using a credit card. We do also offer other payment methods, such as bank wire transfer, or Paypal. Once your payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation and invoice shortly after from our accountant.

After your payment has been made, your order will then be released to production. You will receive a final confirmation of all your files and specifications at this point, and you will be required to confirm that everything is correct within two days (we will assume everything is correct if no response is made during that time). You will also be provided with a link that you can use to keep track of your order progress; it will usually become active 1-2 days after the order has been released. A project coordinator will also be assigned to your order during this time and they will begin the DFM checks. They will contact you through email to have engineering questions answered to ensure that your boards are made perfectly the way you want it. Once all of the DFM checks have been finished, your boards will go into production. When your boards are finished, you will be sent pictures of the completed boards before they are shipped to you.


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