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PCB Panelization and Depanelization

Bittele Electronics has state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified engineers which allows offering PCB panelization and depanelization services. Numerous customers contact us for this unique service which is provided with the support of our efficient resources. We are able to make a panel for our customers without levying any additional charges when the PCB size is very small or there is a specific demand from consumers. Unfortunately most of the times, other electronic contract manufacturers keep customers in the dark about the processes and pricing model, but however we tend to give all the required information upfront and provide our services at most reasonable rates. Furthermore, we handle panelizing/depanelizing as per your specifications for low quantity circuit boards to benefit you in terms of low prices through our production plant.

Most of our customers are regular users of our services as we fulfill almost all the requirements with a superior quality and at an economical rate. We provide circuit board panelization/depanelization services primarily for prototype and low volume. Although there are no specific restrictions with regards to volume and you can reach our staff for your unique quantity needs. Our team will carefully scrutinize the requirement and will also give details regarding maximum board panel size. Our engineers can offer maximum circuit board panel size up to 19.7 inch x 31.5 inch. Additionally you can inquire with our team regarding panel file requirement for circuit board fabrication.

Bittele’s qualified staff is well-equipped to panelize your circuit board at free of cost. However, if you prefer to give the panelized board file to us for PCB fabrication than some relevant points need to be considered such as panel borders, clearance between circuit boards, boards should be separated from each other by breakout routing or by V-cut, etc. Few more below mentioned details are required to be taken into account, i.e. Mechanical strength and stability: The panel must be built in a form that it has an ability to bear all the handling procedures throughout the circuit board production, shipment and the end circuit board assembly without breaking apart.

Manufacturability and effortless assembly: Panel boards which are difficult to produce or leads to further problems during assembly should be avoided. If you still have confusion regarding the specific requirements, you can coordinate with our team for further queries. We have engaged experienced PCB specialists in solving your concerns. You can reach us on sales@7pcb.com with your issues and we will try to give the logical solutions as per your requirement.


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