How to Panelize Your PCBs for Assembly

In order to maintain efficient and economical PCB prototype and production processes, Bittele Electronics can often handle the panelization of your board for PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. When you submit your design for quotation, we will price everything out assuming the most efficient possible panelization of your files. Our production team will handle the actual PCB panelization once your order has been released. We can ship out the finished PCBs as tab-routed panels, or as individual boards, according to your particular preference.

Please note that the above description refers to the panelization of a single PCB design. We can also accommodate multiple designs in a single panel, but we do stipulate a few additional requirements in this case to maintain our high degree of quality in PCB fabrication and PCB assembly:
  1. No more than 3 designs in a single panel
  2. At least 0.5” of spacing between the edges of each design
  3. Overhanging components on PCBs count as ‘edges’ for the purposes of the above point
  4. Maximum panel size is 19.7 inches x 31.5 inches
For PCB Assembly, there are a few additional points which must be observed as well:
  1. No repeated Reference Designators across the multiple designs (instead of R1 on all 3 boards, make it R1, R1001, and R2001)
  2. BoMs for all 3 boards must reflect the Reference Designators in the Gerber and Centroid files
If you have any additional questions about our PCB Panelization requirements or capabilities, please send a message to One of our PCB specialists will be in touch soon – thank you for choosing Bittele!


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