Circuit Board Panelization - Helping You Save on Tooling and Shipping Costs

There are a number of questions regarding how Bittele Electronics handles orders where panelization may be a requirement or is at least brought into question. It is important to know that for any single-project order, by default, our quotations take into consideration that the optimal panel size would be achieved. That means, if you order any number of a single PCB design, the price will not be affected by your panel design specifications. Unless otherwise specified, the boards will be broken up and shipped to you as singles. If the boards are required to be shipped as panels, according to your specifications, the price will not be affected, however shipping prices may be influenced based on the panel size.

You may wonder how we handle panelization for projects the require multiple unique PCB designs. The first thing to note is that Bittele may only panelize up to 3 unique PCBs on any given panel. Since each design will still have some individual CAM and testing cost, the additional CAM cost to panelize 4 or more designs would negate any savings. It is also important to know that all of the PCBs required to be panelized together must have the same number of layers.

Advantages of multi-project panelization

At its core, the main advantage of panelizing multiple projects together is to save money. When receiving a quote from Bittele, it can be easily noticed that 2 separate quotes for 2 similar PCB’s would exceed the cost of having those same two projects panelized together onto one board. This is due to the set-up costs that you save by choosing to go with panelization. There are NRE, tooling and shipping costs for every project and having multiple un-panelized projects means you have to pay these fees multiple times. When multiple projects are panelized onto one board, the tooling and NRE charges only occur once. Since your boards are together, both projects will obviously be shipped at the same times, saving the shipping costs that would occur with 2 separate shipments.

If you are unsure with how to go about panelizing your projects, see our a short guide that instructions on how to panelize your pcbs .


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