Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Services in Toronto

The PCB designing is the most vital part of the complete circuit board; thus most of the clients want to have a best electronic manufacturer offering this core design service. Hence many of the customers approach Bittele Electronics for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Services in Toronto to reap the benefit of high quality output along with relative designing capabilities.

Bittele has high class circuit board layout capabilities such as designing different types of PCB boards i.e. single or multiple layer, Rigid and Flexible circuit board, surface mount, through-hole, mixed technology, power distribution, split ground planes, controlled impedance, high speed signal Integrity, etc. Furthermore we also deliver industry typical files i.e. Bill of Material (BOM), Fabrication drawings, Assembly drawings, etc. along with considering specific request for custom designs by the client.

Many a times there is a specific request from varied customers for customized circuit board designing which is not provided by most of the layout designing house. However we take pride in offering in this service and take all initiatives to satisfy the needs of the customers on basis of the files received from our clients. We accept the schematic designs in the form of ASCII netlist, Hand drawing schematic or schematic design PDF via email so as to proceed with layout designing. The information regarding number of notes, nets, components and their orientation, etc. can be communicated to the representatives of our layout designing houses via email or other online modes of communication in addition to having a discussion on Design for Manufacturing (DFM) check.

We have developed standard DFM guidelines to make accurate PCB design so as to avoid any mistakes prior to fabrication. As we are aware that a small error can cause heavy loss to our client so we make sure that the faults are corrected during the early design stage. Any related circuit board designing queries can be further resolved by effective coordination with Bittele’s sales staff.

In order to meet the hassle free specific client requirements, we constantly coordinate and provide feedback to our customers for any minute issues. We make use of different means of communication for effective dealing such as online conferencing, email, phone, etc. During these meetings all the related problems can be resolved and further designing cost can be discussed.

We provide the most competitive rate for circuit board designing services. For instance: Number of Components 30, Number of Nets 45, Number of Nodes 16, PCB Size 2.87 inch x 2.12 inch, Double sided board the cost is $1000.00 with a turn time of 5 days.


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