PCB Assembly in Canada vs. China

Bittele Electronics is consistently growing and evolving to suit the needs of our clients. In 2019, we opened a brand-new PCB Assembly facility in Markham, Ontario, Canada to better serve our client base in North America. If you choose Bittele for your PCB Assembly project, you can now choose between our original facilities in China and our new one in Canada. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our existing clients regarding this move, and we also hear some questions about how our new facility differs from the existing one. We want to take some time here to discuss those differences in order to make sure that all of our clients are fully informed on their decisions.

First and foremost, you can rest assured that we have brought our extensive industry experience to bear on this new endeavour, so Bittele’s clients can continue to expect the same top-level quality for their PCBs no matter which facility they choose. Our flexible and efficient PCB Assembly Process remains in full effect at our new location, and your PCB Assembly Quote will remain at the same low cost you have come to expect from Bittele. We wanted to make this new experience as familiar as possible for our loyal clients, so we have done our best to make sure that our new facility in Canada offers all of the positives of the original, with a few added benefits.

Most importantly for many of our clients in the USA and Canada, concerns over the cost and time requirements for shipping and import/export to and from China are no issue when you choose PCB Assembly in Canada. We can ship the bare boards to our Markham location from our PCB Fabrication facility in Shenzhen, then ship the fully assembled boards directly to you from Canada quickly and easily. Communication with our assembly team is also more convenient for clients in North America, since our new facility operates during the same working hours that you do.

In addition to the obvious benefits to our clients in Canada and the USA, our new facility offers a variety of advantages to any clients of Bittele. With locations in both China and Canada, our PCB Assembly processes can take place while either one of our facilities is closed for holidays such as Chinese New Year. Our Parts Procurement team has always worked out of our offices in Canada and shipped your components along to our assembly facility in Shenzhen for placement and soldering. Since they now work from the same building as our assembly facility, parts are always available right away.

We of course hold to all of the same rigorous Quality Management standards at all of our locations, and all of our meticulous verification methods, such as X-Ray Inspection and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) are available at our new location for your convenience. In fact, our new assembly facility benefits from even more automation than our original PCB assembly house. Employing cutting edge-technologies like in-line AOI, Selective Wave Soldering, 3D Solder Paste Inspection, and a state-of-the-art Dage Quadra X-Ray Machine from Nordson, our PCB Assembly capabilities are more advanced than ever before.

With new technologies, improved workflow, and the same great quality as ever before, Bittele Electronics continues evolving to better serve our clients. Our new PCB Assembly facility even allows for a greater capacity of orders, so we can handle an ever-greater volume of PCB projects as our client base continues to grow along with us.


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