PCB Stuffing House in China

Bittele Electronics is a comprehensive PCB stuffing house in China. Worldwide customers contact us for the exclusive circuit board stuffing services. Our stuffing house is built on the basis of accepted standard procedures and guidelines. Bittele’s stuffing house has capable engineers and associates to produce a quality end product.

Our circuit board stuffing house usually caters to prototype projects, as well as low volume and medium volume production orders. If there is a unique requirement for any other quantity, you can receive the additional information from our executives. We will be more than happy to serve you with the help of our exhaustive capabilities.

Our capabilities include:
  1. through-hole, surface-mount
  2. both-sided surface-mount, mix type
  3. 0201 package or bigger package
  4. surface-mount high density pin-out connectors
  5. fine pitch parts (pitch up to 8 mils)
  6. leadless components, ball grid array (BGA) and micro-ball grid array, package on package, etc.
Our circuit board stuffing house uses expensive and high-tech quality inspection equipment to verify the quality of board assembly. X-ray inspection, automated optical inspection (AOI), sample check, etc. are used to ensure a superior quality product. Our team regularly monitors every process and upgrades with latest changes. This enables accurate verification of the final product. We assemble based on the files received from you.

Our team needs some compulsory files to proceed with PCB assembly. We generally require records regarding the number of PCBs, bill of materials (BOM), Gerber files, assembly files, pick and place file, any special specifications, etc. You can forward the files to us via email to sales@7pcb.com. You can even use your preferred modes of communication. Another option is to upload a file via our web contact page.


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