Low Volume SMT Assembly Services in China

Searching for low volume SMT assembly services in China is a big task as many of them are engaged in providing SMT assembling services for large volume. Amongst few available electronic contract manufacturers one can look forward to Bittele Electronics Inc, as we are engaged in offering small quantity circuit board SMT assembling on basis of our unique capabilities.

Our team caters to small volume surface mount assembly orders by the means of manual and automated techniques. Our professionals are able to assemble single and two sided placement of all essential type of components. Furthermore, we are capable of assembling BGAs to Micro BGAs, Leadless components, Package on Package, High Density connectors, 0201 Package or big parts, Fine pitch components (pitch up to 8 mils) in addition to user detailed specifications on receipt of requisite set of files.

To begin with SMT assembling, Bittele generally accepts file in Gerber RS-274X, RS-274D for Design for Manufacturability (DFM) checking, Bill-of-Material (BOM) in the excel format so as to procure and verify the components, SMT programming file (Pick and Place file) etc. along with the various parts provided by the client.

While sending the components to Bittele, customer has to provide a separate packing for each different type of components with clear indications as to part number, value, reference designators according to the given BOM. Also client has to be more careful while sending SMT parts as they are required to be sent in airtight package to avoid any unnecessary damage.

In order to proceed with low quantity SMT PCB assembling, we normally require 5% extra components for every order. Appropriate soldering method is selected by us on the basis the component technology.

Lead-free processing service is offered by Bittele even for a small run SMT circuit board assembling. We have developed two extra production lines specially for giving this service. We follow unique assembling processes in accordance to RoHS PCB assembly prescribed guidelines and use modern techniques for quality inspection.

Bittele applies adequate testing procedures to deliver superior SMT assembling even for low volume in China. We use modern techniques such as X-Ray inspection for Leadless & BGA components to check the joint soldering. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is used for verification of solder joints, component placement and orientation, etc. which further decides the cost and turn time for small quantity SMT assembling.

The cost for small quantity SMT assembling with us in China can be explained through below illustration: Board Size 35.56 mm x 20.32 mm, 2 Layer board, Board quantity 170, Components on one side, Lead-free Processing, BOM lines 39, SMT Components 78, Leadless (VCT-28) Components 1 is $ 930 for 4-5 days turn time and shipping charges are $ 115.


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